They say good things come to those who wait. Welcome back to Planetary Annihilation’s premier 1v1 event.

In King of the Planet 12, Elodea faced up against yaegz, thought to be a sure bet to take the crown. It was not to be and a 5-0 thrashing ensured against a clearly rusty and shell-shocked yaegz. Can no one topple this tyrant?

It has been a year and a worthy challenger has appeared. Oxide Ion, top of the ladder and winner of no less than three Super Commander tournaments as well as half of the winning team in a Clopsey. Will this be enough to topple King of the Dox, King of the Cheese, King of the Planet, Elodea?

Tune in and find out.

Given that it has been a while, many of you may not be familiar with the format; let us take a moment to explain. King of the Planet is an invitational tournament designed to find the best 1v1 player in the game today. We have the king, the winner of the previous tournament, and the challenger, the individual thought to have shown the skills necessary to compete.

The tournament is a best-of-five. The challenger chooses the system on which battle will commence, and thereafter the loser of the previous game chooses. Studying your opponent is key: identify their weaknesses and design system which exploit them. Do you go single or multi-planet? Do you use an existing system or design new ones? Should you go for small comm boxing maps or grind them down in the long-game?

In King of the Planet you play to win the battle before the match even commences. Preparation is key.

For this contest we have enlisted two veteran 1v1 players, AndreasG and Alpha2546, to provide commentary. They will be getting inside the players’ heads and giving you insight into all the little tricks and strategies they employ. Between games Quitch will be interviewing the players and getting their perspective on events. If you want a deep insight into the best 1v1 has to offer then this is the tournament to attend.

How can I watch this?

The homepage of eXodus eSports also switches over to the livestream for our events, or you can follow our Twitch channel.

How do I know when the tournament starts?

Install the eXodus eSports mod to get a countdown to the event in-game. Or you can subscribe to the PA Tournaments Steam group. Don’t get caught out! There’s also a countdown in the sidebar on this page, and if you click the time and date beneath it it will be converted to your local date and time.

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