It has been a time for team games with Clopseys and Clan Wars dominating the competitive landscape for the past few months. Now it’s time for the return of the king.

In King of the Planet 10 the heretical PAG_elodea fought the noble foerest for control of the crown. The challenger employed a bold strategy designed to highlight the weakness of procedural maps, but in the end it was his own weaknesses that were exposed and he was run out of the kingdom and never seen again after a sound 3-0 thrashing.

In King of the Planet 11 eXodus eSports will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet PAG_elodea, and the challenger (P)BattleBear, at 1500 UTC on Saturday, 7th February.

Elodea has proven to be almost unstoppable, currently holding the #1 slot on both unofficial ladders, while also holding the #2 slot on the Uber ladder. He has continued to define the meta for most players with his bold orbital strategies, informative articles, and cat fact streams.

Working quietly in the background, (P)BattleBear has been preparing for this challenge. Not seeking fame and glory, he has been consistently playing in the background and holds ranks #2, #3 and #7 across the ladders. While the king has shown his hand, the challenger is keeping his tricks to himself.

It’s a new day, a new balance, a new meta. With the current PTE expected to release ahead of this event it’s all to play for. Will PAG_elodea‘s rapid adaption and bold strategies triumph? Can (P)BattleBear make use of the increasingly powerful System Editor to throw something completely unexpected at the king? Will someone choose a system with more than one planet?

Tune in to King of the Planet 11 to find out!