It’s been a long time coming, but King of the Planet 10 is finally here!

In week 9 of this series, the tyrant PAG_Matiz battled with the valiant PAG_elodea. It was the beginning of the era of Dox, a meta which has been developed, refined, but not replaced. Matiz was clearly unprepared while Elodea was in his element, and in one of the shortest King of the Planets seen the king was toppled in a 3-0 rout. Gracious in victory, he handed the crown to Elodea and has since retired to focus on his studies.

In the months since Elodea has taken and held the number one slot on the ladder, beating off all comers. He rules the world of PA 1v1 games, and his word is held almost as law when it comes to the meta.

In week 10 of this series eXodus eSports will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet, PAG_elodea, and the challenger, foerest, at 14:00 UTC on Saturday, 18th October.

The only player on the ladder to give elodea pause, and one who has not yet fallen to the lure of PAG. Infamous for his bot rush tactics, can he overwhelm and defeat elodea in time? Will he put into practice the tank armies Neptunio believes can work? Will every commander kill be at the hands of Booms?

Tune in to King of the Planet 10 to find out!