In Week 3 of this series Matiz defended his title against Gandalf with a 3-0 victory!

We took a break last week for the Supernova Showdown, but Matiz is back this week to face an old rival. Our glorious king originally earned his title by defeating Godde 3-0 in a controversial game that included a number of issues with spawns. This Sunday, we’re giving Godde another chance to prove himself!

In week 4 of this series, ZaphodX will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet Matiz and the challenger Godde at 17:00 UTC on Sunday, 4th May.

Will Godde be able to finally give us a new king and make PA history, or will we see a repeat of the last time these two legendary players faced each other? There’s even still a chance that the new balance will be pushed to the stable branch today and both players will be forced to learn the game all over again while we watch!

This, and all future King of the Planet games, will be streaming on the King of the Planet channel, so make sure to follow us to get notified of when the action starts. Or if you prefer, get your notification via Twitter.

Recordings of games will be uploaded both to ZaphodX’s channel as well as the King of the Planet YouTube account, where we will be collecting all of the action.

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This week’s game will use the same rules as last time. Quitch has taken a lot of time working out a clear and fair format for the series, so feel free to take a look.