In Week 1 of this series, ColaColin defeated Matiz 3-1 to become our first King Of The Planet! The viewers all got a chance to hang out together on Zaphod’s Twitch chat while watching two of Planetary Annihilation’s best players show off their skill in four very exciting matches. Today’s game was a lot of fun, so we’re coming back next Sunday at the same time to watch our new king face his most fearsome competitor in what is going to be one of the most exciting games of Planetary Annihilation that we have ever seen.

In week 2 of this series, ZaphodX will be streaming a match between cola_colin and Godde at 17:00 UTC on Sunday, April 13.

We’re all really excited about watching a best out of 5 game between two players as good as ColaColin and Godde, so come join us in Zaphod’s Twitch chat as we watch the game together! Will ColaColin defeat a second opponent and remain the King, or can Godde dethrone him and claim the title for himself? Whatever the outcome, next week’s game will be a great way to interact with the rest of the PA community while we all watch together.

Godde will have the first choice of the map, which can be either a PA Stats map or a randomly generated system. After that, the loser of each round can select the map for the next round. The game will continue until one player wins three rounds and takes the title of King Of The Planet!