The time has come.

In King of the Planet 11 the ferocious PAG_elodea took on the brave (P)Battlebear as they did battle to rule the galaxy. Choosing unwisely to face his higher ranked ladder opponent on all ladder maps, the rustiness of the bear betrayed him and elodea destroyed him 5-0.

In King of the Planet 12 eXodus eSports will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet PAG_elodea, and the challenger yaegz, at 1500 UTC on Saturday, 28th March.

Elodea has proven to be almost unstoppable, currently holding the #1 slot on both unofficial ladders, while also holding the #2 slot on the Uber ladder. He has continued to define the meta for most players with his innovative strategies, informative articles, and cat fact streams.

yaegz has quickly proven himself to be one of the best players of the game, holding the top spot on the ladder for quite some time and proving a formidable opponent, perhaps one of the only ones that elodea is afraid to face.

The economy is changing and with it all the opening builds. Will it be a rush to learn the meta first? Will we see maps designed to throw the king or will both players stick to the safety of ladder maps? Will yaegz fall into the challenger trap of rustiness or will he have honed his skills to a sharp edge?

Tune in to King of the Planet 12 to find out!

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