With PACE and Uber tournaments happening all the time, the competitive PA scene is really starting to get going. Thanks to PACE, lot of players are interested in competing and the turnout for these events has been really good. The scale of PACE tournaments has so far made it very hard to put on a good show like Uber and Zaphod did with Battle of the Beasts, because there is always just too much going on at once. Big tournaments like that are great for getting players involved, but what about viewers?

If we ever want PA to be taken seriously as an eSport, we need to move ahead and start to fill in the next piece of the puzzle; what we need to do now is make this game more accessible to fans that might not be able to compete with the top players. A group of us has been discussing this in the IRC and we have decided on a competitive series that will focus on putting on a good show and bringing together the community around a single match.

Our format will be a king of the hill style series, where the reigning champion comes back every week to face a new challenger in a best out of 5 match. This format is very important to the series, because it will give the community a chance to get to know the best players really well and see them come back to fight for their title again every week.

For now, challengers will be chosen on an invitational basis while we try to work out what kind of a system we want to use to determine our player pool. This informal system of selecting challengers will help to get the series started by ensuring high quality matches, but it can be changed to something more interesting later on.

To kick off this series, ZaphodX will be streaming a match between cola_colin and matizpl at 5PM UTC on Sunday, April 6.

These two players are some of the best that PA has to offer and have had some fantastic matches against each other recently. It’s time to start getting excited for what will undoubtedly be an intense battle of skill and endurance as two of Planetary Annihilation’s best players battle to become the first King Of The Planet!