Something wicked and completely non-seasonal this way comes…

eXodus eSports is proud to announce Evil Twins, a 1v1 tournament of two halves. First come the qualifiers, open to all. The winner of the qualifiers will proceed to the finals where they will join seven of the best players Planetary Annihilation has to offer and do battle for a top prize of £50 (~$80), with second place scoring £20 (~$30).

In the qualifiers you will fight through a series of 1v1s with victory taking you to the next round and defeat leading to an exit from the tournament. The semi-finals will be a best-of-three, the finals are a best-of-five. The winner of the qualifiers will earn their place as the wildcard entry in the finals just as the now King of the Planet PAG_elodea did back in Supernova Showdown.

eXodus eSports will be running two streams for this event so there’s a good chance your game could be streamed, and all semi-final and final matches will be cast. This an opportunity to play Planetary Annihilation with hundreds of spectators watching, envying at your skills and marvelling at that sneaky Boom victory. We hope you’ll join us for what promises to be an epic tournament.

All games will be played on ranked ladder maps, so get queuing and rack up the experience that will make the difference between victory and defeat.

Details can be found on the right (or below if you’re on mobile). Help spread the word across your social networks and let’s make this the biggest Planetary Annihilation tournament yet!

For those of you who will be watching rather than playing, or just want a memento, we’ve also got some rather nice Evil Twins merchandise in the store. Proceeds from sales are put towards tournament prizes and server hosting costs.

Planetary Annihilation Evil Twins Mug Planetary Annihilation Evil Twins T-shirt

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