Clopsey PRO-AM

When: Saturday 24th january 20:00 UTC ish.

Format: 2v2 shared armies. 8 teams or less double elimination, if more then we go to single.

Prize: €40

Map pool:

  • Prof X (Gandalf’s Map Pack)
  • Team Arena (Gandalf’s Map Pack)
  • Duat (Uber system)

Author: Mod Type:
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Provided by CMM

Build: Current Stable

Rules: To make this fair. And I know its easy to cheat but I expect more from most of the ubers anyhows.

If you are Uber you need to partner up with a Bronze, Silver, Gold League or unranked player (unranked on their main account). The idea here is to get people into tournaments that otherwise wouldn’t join.

Thanks to lextoc for putting up some more prizemoney !