Planetary Annihilation Clopsey

When: Saturday 11th February 18:00 UTC .

Format: 2v2 shared armies (TITANS/LEGION).

Expected Runtime: 2 – 4 hours (depending on Nr of teams)

Read Rules and Requirements please, also show up 30 minutes before start in tournaments in pachat.

Matches will take place on maps from following mappack that you can find in the new in game Community Mod Manager :

eXodus eSports Map Pack

Author: eXodus eSports Mod Type: Client
A hand-picked selection of the best maps the community has to offer. This pack is used in all eXodus eSports tournaments.
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Provided by CMM

Will be announced in good time


Open caster policy as usual for community members who want to start developing their own content.
Caster Rules:

  • Contact PRoeleert or AndreasG at least one hour before start.
  • Don’t force more than 3 spectator slots
  • Don’t delay lobbystarts
  • Be nice

Keep track of the time

Install the eXodus eSports mod to get a countdown to the event in-game. Don’t get caught out! And don’t forget to arrive at least thirty minutes early.

eXodus eSports

Author: eXodus eSports Mod Type: Client
Stay up to date on the latest news, events, videos and guides from eXodus eSports.
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Provided by CMM


  • Get eXodus eSports Tournament Map Pack / Legion Expansion / PA Chat from Community Mods
  • Click the “join tournaments” button in PA Chat 30 min before start and stay connected throughout the tournament
  • Following all tournament staff instructions
  • Have Fun!