Planetary Annihilation Cloak and Danger Banner

Sixteen of the most dangerous Planetary Annihilation players are about to square off in a legendary tournament full of suspicion, intrigue, and treachery.

Uber Entertainment is proud to announce Cloak and Danger, the second official Planetary Annihilation tournament. Taking place every Friday in July starting this July 11, Cloak and Danger is a series of free-for-alls where alliances can be formed — and broken — at any point during a match. Only one out of the tournament’s 16 players will walk out the winner. How many people will they have crossed to get to the top?

In week one there will be four games of four players each. Winners progress to the final, losers will get a second chance in the losers’ bracket.

In week two there will be three games of four players consisting of those who lost in week one. The winners from these games progress to the final.

In week three there will be a single seven player game consisting of the players from weeks one and two. The winner takes home an Armalisk Commander.

The tournament will be broadcast live on eXodus eSports and dual-cast by community members from eXodus eSports. The first day’s games on July 11 begin at 11AM PST. Be there!

11th July 201418:00 UTCRound 1
18th July 201418:00 UTCLosers' Round
25th July 201418:00 UTCFinals