eXodus eSports reserves the right to alter these rules at any time.

Community Behaviour

  • You will not engage in hostile behaviour while interacting with the community – either in or out of game – including but not limited to:
    • Hateful messages or personal attacks toward a community member;
    • Attacks and non-constructive criticism toward a community member;
    • Use of alt accounts to perform hostile trolling of a community member;
    • Harassment or stalking of a community member;
    • Disguised taunts addressed to a community member.
  • It is forbidden to offer illegal content (videos, images, copyrighted material), pornographic or hateful images or to post any links promoting illegal activities.

General Rules

  • You will follow all instructions given by the event staff.
  • The event staffs’ decisions are final in all matters.
  • PAStats must be installed and enabled for every game.
    • Live updates are optional.
  • You may not be in stream chat while a game you are participating in is in-progress.
  • You may not setup movement queues which result in commanders continually entering and exiting orbit.

Home System

  • Every clan must build a home system. These should be uploaded to System Sharing and the event staff notified via your clan contact so that it may be moved to the Clan Wars folder.
  • If your home system utilises incidental planet collision then the event staff must be notified of the planets which collide and the precise time at which this occurs. This information will be passed on to the other clans.
  • You may only have one home system per season.
  • A system may use any combination of biomes, starting planets, etc.
  • The system must be submitted 48 hours before the first match of the season.
  • The event staff reserve the right to reject a clan’s system.


  • Each season a clan has a roster of players available to it from those who signed up during the initial sign up period.
  • No new names may be added to the roster during the course of a season.
  • A clan does not need to inform event staff or its opponent which members of its roster will be playing in a match, but only players on the roster will be allowed to play.
  • You must have a minimum of four players on your roster.


  • Clan Wars consists of a season of games. Each clan will play every other clan on its home system, thus leading to clans playing one another twice. Once these games have been played the season is over.
  • Event staff will arrange appropriate dates and times with each clan for their fixtures through the clan contact.
  • Each date a clan plays on will consist of them playing their home and away matches against the opposing clan.

Season Champion

  • The team with the most points at the end of a season is the winner.
  • The following factors will be used in order in the event of a tie to determine a winner:
    • Having scored more points against the tying clan than that clan has against them.
    • Average time to victory, where lower is better.
    • Average time to loss, where higher is better.
    • In the even the two clans are still tied then a play-off will occur on another clan’s system determined by a random number.


Clan Liaison

  • One member of your clan, who must be participating in the match, must be nominated to act as the liaison between your clan and the event staff for the day. eXodus does not need to be notified of the name of this individual ahead of the event.
  • The clan liaison must arrive on Mumble at least thirty minutes ahead of the event.
  • The clan liaison will be connected to the Mumble server at all times.
  • Should no clan liaison arrive then your clan will not be able to communicate, or raise disputes with, the organisers.


  • Arrive in the #patournaments IRC channel no later than thirty minutes ahead of the event.
    • You must remain in IRC throughout the duration of your participation in the event.
    • You will not be able to speak in this channel, communication with the event staff (where necessary) should occur through PMs.
  • Only individuals from your roster present in IRC will be eligible to play.
  • Your IRC name must be as close to the same as your in-game name as IRC allows.
  • We will do our very best to accommodate any requests from you, but ensure you inform a member of event staff of any requests at the earliest opportunity.
  • In-game and lobby chat can appear on stream and should be kept appropriate.
  • Casters are prohibited from communicating with players in-game.
  • You will be polite and courteous in all dealings with fellow players and eXodus staff.
  • Discriminatory behaviour will result in an immediate ban, including, but not limited to:
    • Homophobia
    • Transphobia
    • Misogyny/misandry
    • Racism
    • Religious bigotry
    • Hate speech

Game setup

  • All games are to be played on the stable build.
  • No server mods are allowed.
  • All games will use Uber’s servers unless stated otherwise.
  • Games must be played on the US servers.
    • If both players are located in the same region, and that region is not the US, they may agree to play on that region’s servers instead.
  • All lobbies must be titled Clan Wars.
  • The clan which plays on its home system first will be determined by a coin flip. After the first game the clan which played away will now host on its home system.
  • The game will be hosted by a member of the clan playing on its home system.
  • The host will setup the game as an eight player team game with four slots per team and shared armies enabled.
  • Three spectator slots will be opened.
  • The agreed password will be used.
  • Allow commanders to spawn anywhere may be enabled at the host’s discretion.
  • Make spectator chat visible should be left unchecked.
  • The host will notify the casters through Mumble text chat once the game has been hosted and is public.
  • You must use the same colour for every game you play that fixture.
  • Your in-game name must match your entry in the tournament.


  • There will be no player requested rehosts.
  • Failure to use approved colours will lead to a rehost.

Technical Difficulties

  • Please consult this guidance on how to handle issues joining lobbies.
  • PA Stats will pause the game in the event that a player crashes.
    • If a player is unable to reconnect, and contact between the teams has occurred, then the game will not be rehosted and should continue.
  • A server crash will be referred to the tournament director and a decision will be made on whether to assign a winner or rehost the game on the same map.
  • If you encounter an issue which impacts your ability to play then you should pause the game and contact the event staff.
  • All players/teams will confirm in chat that they are ready to continue before the game is unpaused.


  • If evidence of cheating is found or strongly inferred then you will likely be disqualified, your tournament winnings withheld, and you will permanently banned from all future eXodus eSports events.
    • Anything currently possible in-game which is considered an exploit will be explicitly made clear to you before the tournament.
    • The use of client-side mods is not considered cheating.


  • Casters are prohibited from communicating with you in-game except where directed to by the event staff.
  • All disputes must be raised with the event staff through your clan liaison.
  • Screenshot any rule violations.
  • Do not respond directly to negative comments or make complaints public.
  • Issues with event staff should be raised with the tournament director via Mumble or IRC private messages.


  • You will make yourself available before and after the event and after each game for an interview with the casters.
    • Exceptions may be made at the event staff’s discretion for players uncomfortable speaking in English.
  • Casters will take responsibility for moving players to the appropriate Mumble room for interviews.


  • PA Stats will determine the winner of a game.
  • Declaring “gg” in defeat must be followed by the immediate self-destruction of your commanders.
  • Three points will be allocated to a winner, one point to both clans in the event of a draw, and no points to a loser.


  • If you fail to follow one of the rules above, you will receive a written or spoken warning from a staff member of the organisation.
  • If you fail again to follow the rules after that first warning, you will receive a second warning and a temporary ban from eXodus events and tournaments.
  • If you fail again to follow the rules after that second warning, you will be banned from eXodus run or hosted events and tournaments.
  • If you are banned, depending on the gravity of your actions, it might be possible or not for you to come back. eXodus staff will decide on a case-by-case basis.