Welcome to the fourth edition of the most casual tournament in the history of humankind! Sign-up if you want to participate in a fun event filled with amazing people. It’s a casual and everyone is welcome to join no matter their rank or playtime. New players are definitely welcome and we encourage you to use this as a chance to dip your toes into the tournament waters. If we have enough players then there will be one bracket for unranked through gold ranked players, and a separate one for platinum and uber players. Spread the word!

This will be the first Casual which uses the Legion Expansion, allowing players to try their luck as the Legion rather than the MLA if they prefer. Or play both!

To really spice things up there is even a prize! A very special custom awesome mug to show just how casual you are.

Make sure you check the tournament requirements and download the necessary mods from Community Mods. You need to join the pachat patournaments channel on time. If you want to make it a more social experience you can also join the Realm (RLM) TeamSpeak ( where a lot of participants are going to hang out, trash talk (in a friendly way) and have fun.

Play as both MLA and the new Legion faction

Expected Runtime: 2 – 5 hours (depending on players and how many rounds you play. If you lose two games you are out)

Matches will take place on maps from following mappack that you can find in the new in game Community Mod Manager :

Author: Mod Type:
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Provided by CMM


Finns Revenge

Will be announced shortly before the event (to avoid specific training. It is a casual event after all)

TL;DR Rules

  • Get eXodus eSports Tournament Map Pack / Legion Expansion / PA Stats Online / PA Chat from Community Mods
  • Join the patournaments room in PA Chat 30 min before start and stay connected throughout the tournament
  • Following all tournament staff instructions
  • Have Fun!