This idea was tabled a few weeks ago (thanks Gandalf :)) and I’ve been steadily working with a few people from the forums to take it from concept to reality.

On behalf of the PA community, I’m proud to present what promises to be an extremely unique Planetary Annihilation tournament in support of a good cause! This tournament has been constructed around fundraising and promises to be a very enjoyable evening for players and spectators alike. Make a note in your diaries, because you’ll be really miffed if you miss it, I promise you!

Here’s a page to track how much we’re raising:

The format

The tournament will consist of two rounds of four-way Free-For-Alls. There will be four FFAs in Round 1, with the winner of each taking a seat in the final round. We will be hosting some other variety events between tournament rounds which will rely heavily on audience interaction. You’ll get some more details on these nearer the time!

Let me go into a bit more detail on the FFA rounds themselves, because they’re really rather different to what I’m sure you’re all used to.

In this particular tournament, our competitors will need a bit of help from you, the viewers. We will be making use of the Puppetmaster server mod, which Wondible kindly developed specifically for this tournament. We are currently working on making a menu, by which you can donate to our AbleGamers charity pot, and in return for your donation, you can buy some units for a player in-game.

Is the underdog getting attacked from all sides? You can buy him a handful of defensive towers to keep him going. Somebody you don’t like is strapping thrusters to a moon? Strap some on there for one of his opponents and blast him away into space. Not enough nuke spam in the game? Yes you can fix that.

I’ll be publishing a document shortly detailing all the rules and guidelines for donating and for spawning units into the game, and we’ll also be holding some ‘auctions’ in the Twitch chat where you can bid on a selection of units not on the menu to gift to your preferred player.


Donation Menu

Here’s a page to track how much we’re raising:

  • To order from the menu, make a donation to our GoFundMe page with a message containing instructions
  • Instructions should include the unit group code, the player to donate them to, and the planet to spawn them on. Exact location is at the puppetmaster’s discretion.
  • No units may be spawned in before 5:00 in-game
  • Any donations made before 5:00 will be queued and executed in order at the 5:00 mark
  • If the instructions request units from a higher tier than the donation made, the puppetmaster has liberty to choose from options in the appropriate donation tier.
  • The puppetmaster has discretion over any details not provided in your donation message


I’m starting with a clean slate with this thread, so even if you have already indicated your willingness to take part in this tournament as a competitor, please PM cwarner7264 @ uberforums to request a slot. We’ll have a total of 16 players participating. Selection is at my discretion – please don’t be offended if you don’t get in; I’ll be choosing not based on skill but on trying to maximise the appeal for people to donate. Remember, you can still participate in the tournament via other means than directly competing!

The Puppetmaster



Check thread at uber forums for up to date info

Special thanks

@reptarking – Concept and admin
@wondible – Puppetmaster mod
@sorian & @wpmarshall – Casters
@nanolathe – Artwork