The most overtly pay-to-win tournament in Planetary Annihilation’s history is back for its third instalment!

Last year we raised nearly $1,500 in support of AbleGamers. We are reconvening once again to bring you the biggest, most unpredictable and most expensive event in our competitive calendar. With the support of the Planetary Annihilation community, we hope once more to be able to treat you to a showcase of this uniquely cataclysmic Real-Time-Strategy game.

As in previous years, the tournament will consist of two rounds. The first round will contain four games, each one a four-way free-for-all. The winner of each of these will proceed to one final round, itself also a free-for-all.

The players will need to use all the wit, skill and diplomacy they have available to them as they try to claw victory from this frantic scrum. However, there is a twist.

YOU control the carnage!

You, the spectators, in return for a donation to AbleGamers, can spawn units in for the player of your choice in order to coax them along to victory. Give an underdog a second chance, drop a TITAN in the middle of a rampaging horde, or just throw down a load of boom bots to watch the explosions.

Below, you will find a menu which will give you details on the pricing and how to order units for your player of preference. We will be making use once more of the Puppetmaster mod developed by Wondible specifically for this annual event.

All donations will be handled via our Donor Drive page, which you are also welcome to submit donations to before and after the event if you can’t make it there live. All proceeds go directly to the AbleGamers charity.

HERE is a direct link to the donation page. Donation amounts and messages should be publicly visible to allow the puppetmaster to see them.The event kicks off on Saturday 24th September at 1800hrs UTC. We hope to see you then to watch our stalwart casters Marshall and Sorian commentate on this hotly anticipated event, live on

AbleGamers 2016 Menu

Or try the handy donate menu here.