The most overtly pay-to-win tournament in Planetary Annihilation’s history is back, a little over a year since its debut in August 2014.

Following the outstanding success of last year’s event, I’ve been working with a number of the Planetary Annihilation community’s top brass to bring you a second instalment of this unpredictable, chaotic spectacle that showcases the very best that the game and its community has to offer in support of the very worthy AbleGamers Charity.

As before, the tournament will consist of two rounds. The first round will contain four games, each one a four-way free-for-all. The winner of each of these will proceed to one final round, itself also a free-for-all.

The players will use all the wit, skill and diplomacy they have available to them to try to claw victory from this frantic scrum. However, there is a twist. You, the spectators, in return for a donation to the very worthy AbleGamers Charity, can spawn units in for the players in order to coax them along to victory. Give an underdog a second chance, or drop a TITAN among the rampaging horde sweeping foes from the planet’s surface. You control the carnage!

We will be publishing a ‘menu’ before the event which will give you details on the pricing and how to order units for your player of preference. We will be making use once more of the Puppetmaster mod developed by Wondible specifically for last year’s event.

All donations will be handled via our Fundrazr page, which you are also welcome to submit donations to before and after the event if you can’t make it there live. All proceeds go directly to the charity.

Powered by FundRazr

The event kicks off on Saturday 26th September, immediately after the hotly-anticipated Fight for the Ant at 1800hrs UTC. Here’s a countdown. We hope you’ll stick around after Marshall emerges victorious to watch him cast some epic games alongside Sorian, live on

AbleGamers 2015 Menu


  1. Go to the event Fundrazr page
  2. Click ‘Contribute’
  3. Enter the donation amount, and your name/alias if you desire
  4. In the “Your message” field, enter:
    1. The code of the unit(s) you would like to spawn in
    2. The player you would like the units to go to
    3. The planet you would like the units to be spawned in
  5. Confirm your donation

Example: B4 –  Wondible – Third Rock


  • Please ensure your donation amount is at least as much as the units you’ve requested. If it is less, the Puppetmaster has discretion to place units from an appropriate donation tier.
  • The exact location of the placement of the units on the planet’s surface is at the Puppetmaster’s discretion.
  • Units cannot be spawned in before the in-game timer has reached 5 minutes.
  • Units in the ‘Game Enders’ section cannot be spawned in before the in-game timer has reached 25 minutes.
  • Any donations made before these time thresholds will be stored until the threshold is reached, and then spawned in in the order the donations were received.
  • If any details are vague or unspecified, the Puppetmaster has discretion to fill in the blanks accordingly.