I have played Planetary Annihilation from alpha having backed the Kickstarter. I wanted sorian as a stretch goal, thankfully Uber just decided to recruit him regardless.

I’m a fan of macro rather than micro style RTS games, such as Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander 2 (yeah, really). Supreme Commander never clicked for me so I wasn’t around to find out whether Forged Alliance corrected its problems for me; it felt so soulless.

Participated in some of the community’s open tournaments with middling results. I’m a reasonably solid player but I don’t rack up the time necessary to take my game to the next level. I certainly don’t have the APM necessary to compete with the top players and I tend to suffer from tunnel vision.

Worked with Captain Conundrum to develop King of the Planet and following some successful events joined eXodus in May 2014. Since then I’ve been spending more and more time arranging tournaments for others rather than participating in them myself. Occasionally I will cast an eXodus tournament. Desperate times indeed.

Being a big proponent of the game and wanting to encourage others to play I am pretty active on the official forums, Steam forums and PA subreddit. This has led to me producing guides aimed at newer players to help them adapt to a style of RTS which is unfamiliar to many. It has also helped me improve my own game as I spend a lot of time keeping tabs on the cutting edge of the game’s strategies. When the mood takes me I work on my Queller AI mod.

My favourite commander is the Alpha.

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