WPMarshall joins the eXodus eSports team!

We’re very proud at eXodus eSports to announce the latest addition to our team: WPMarshall. You may remember him from such casts as King of the Planet 9 and AbleGamers Tournament.

One of the best casters Planetary Annihilation has, it is a testament to his talent that Uber Entertainment flew him out on their dime to cast games in front of a live audience at PAX Prime 2014. Few are more passionate about this game than WPMarshall, and it is this drive to cast whenever he could that makes him great and more than worthy of a place at eXodus eSports.

Asked on his thoughts, he had this to say:

Hours stalking the eXodus team after each King of the Planet have finally paid off.

It is truly a relief that I will no longer need to hide in the bedroom every time the exterior lights kick in.

Welcome aboard!

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