Uber launch the Human Resources Kickstarter

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Uber Entertainment have just announced a Kickstarter for their latest game, Human Resources.

Today, we busted out a new Kickstarter for a new strategy game called Human Resources. Built on the same engine that you helped us create for Planetary Annihilation, Human Resources expands on the scale and destruction you’ve come to love in exciting and different ways. We realize that some of you might take this news as concerning, so we wanted to come out and say this: work on Planetary Annihilation will not stop if Human Resources funds; both games will have a team dedicated to these separate projects.

Human Resources Ancient One Harvester

Starring asymmetrical factions and a unique art style, the map is fully destructible and the resources are the poor humans caught in the middle. It keeps the epic action of Planetary Annihilation, but at the scale of RTSs such as Command & Conquer.

With a goal of $1.4 million its an ambitious target with a release date one-and-a-half years in the future there’s still a long way to go, but the game looks very exciting. Rock, Paper, Shotgun already has a preview of the game.

Check out the Human Resources Kickstarter for more information and to back the game.

For those concerned that this will divert resources from Planetary Annihilation, Uber have posted reassurances that it will not.

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