Uber hire Director of Production for Planetary Annihilation [UPDATED]

Uber Entertainment have just announced that they’ve hired a new Director of Production for Planetary Annihilation. Known as “jables” he has experience with this style of RTS through his time on Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

Hey there. I’m Jeremy, known to some of you as “jables”. I’ve joined Uber as the new Director of Production, with the focus of developing processes and standards to better prioritize and communicate our updates moving forward.

Prior to joining Uber, I worked on many games, including Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. I worked with the community and the team to focus development toward making the game we all wanted it to be. Here at Uber, I’ll be following a similar path, working to keep our goals in line with the community’s desires, as well as better communicate our updates moving forward.

Make sure to stop by the forums and say hi.

UPDATE: jables has provided further information on what the first offline server update will look like.

Offline server step 1:

  • Ability to play Galactic War offline (can still play online as well, adjusted under settings)
  • AI skirmish games playable offline (can still play online as well, adjusted under settings)
  • Ability to create LAN games
    • In a LAN game, ability to play co-op or competitive with friends (and AIs, hi Sorian!)

You’ll notice I said step 1 there. We have larger plans for the server in the future, including polishing the current work, as well as allowing you to set up your own server that will show up on our network!

While we are on the topic, I wanted to discuss the limitations of step 1, so as to set clear expectations as to what we are delivering.

  • Just to call this out separate as it is important. 64-bit only is current min spec (we are honestly not sure if this will change in the future, but current tests point that it may not).
  • Recommended spec for offline is the same as our recommended Steam specs, and they should play what we have seen as a more normal play experience. If you want to do huge systems, or mod to some crazy numbers of players, you will possibly need a beefier machine.
    • 64bit
    • Quad core processor
    • 8GB ram
  • Once you create a server, you need to currently stay in it or it will go away. Stand alone servers are technically possible, but will require some modding for now (aka, we didn’t turn it off, but we are not yet comfortable with the polish level to officially support it. Have fun modders 🙂 )
  • If you use the Uber Launcher, it still requires you to log in, as that is how the launcher is set up. If you wish to skip this, simply use the PA.exe.
  • If you launch it from Steam launcher while offline, it should work as expected and simply run offline.
  • And lastly, we will continue to work on this. This is really important to us, and we have been working on it for a while now. This is by no means the finished server, and we have a lot more improvements we want to get in place, but coming in and looking over community wishlists, this has always been very high on your wants. We listened, and are getting it out in parts, as opposed to waiting until it is completely finished with every little thing we want. This is an exciting change for us, as it allows you to get your hands on things sooner, rather than later.

On top of the offline server part of the update, we will also be releasing pathfinding improvements and some system editor polish.

  • Pathing will now better handle complex terrain (really, just overall pathing improvements, less units getting confused, smarter choices on paths, and much less not making it to final destination)
  • CPU and memory usage have been reduced overall (which is of course ongoing)
  • System Editor UI improvements (which are ongoing, so you will see even more in the future)

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