Responding to Binary Stars feedback

Thanks to all of you, both players and viewers, who took the time to leave us feedback regarding Binary Stars. While it was mostly positive, we wanted to take the time to address some of the points raised. If you have a point which wasn’t tackled then please leave a comment below.

The chat was subject to spam and was poorly moderated

We would agree that chat could be better moderated. We’re working on this.

The tournament should have started earlier

We have to balance the ability of Europe, the Americas and Australasia to partake in a tournament. Rather than change the time I think we’d do better to focus on keeping the running time down, perhaps splitting larger tournaments across two weekends.

The commentators should probably play the game more if they don’t know T1 pelicans can’t carry vanguards

Planetary Annihilation Pelican transporting Vanguard


You should use multi-planet systems

There were two reasons why we used single planet systems, and they’re related to one another. Firstly, multi-planet systems are much harder to balance, leading to stalemates leading to tournament delays. Anyone remember Realm vs. PA Gods? Secondly, the fact is there are almost no multi-planet systems in the community map packs, and very little competitive play takes place on them. Because of this there aren’t really any community systems of a known good quality which would be suitable for use, and those that we do know of were before symmetrical planets and manual metal placement and have been broken by changes to planet generation.

Planetary Annihilation Clanwars Showdown

Gosh, is that the time?

We’d love to use multi-planet systems, but good ones need to emerge and survive the trial by fire that is community play. Clan Wars Showdown showed us the danger in rolling our own and we’re not keen to go down a route which requires so much work and carries such high risks.

Use more teams or larger teams

Well, more teams becomes a free-for-all which generally isn’t a tournament friendly format and leads to some very passive play. As for larger teams, we’ve found that it becomes very difficult to get enough teams when they’re big. Even with this tournament which was only a 2v2 there were numerous players who signed up without a partner and never proceeded to get one. We’d have seen a lot less teams with a 4v4, and it may not have even been a viable tournament at that point.

I’d love to see automated tournaments

So would we, and it’s something we’ve discussed. Unfortunately it’s also a lot of work and isn’t something we’ll be doing any time soon. Our web developer is already incredibly busy as it is.

The rules could have been clearer

Some people marked that they didn’t find the rules clear, but unfortunately no one said what they found unclear about them. Following the Evil Twins feedback we looked to simplify the rules but didn’t find much we felt comfortable culling. Perhaps they could be better organised?

We’d very much appreciate more feedback here from people who found them confusing.

The rules don’t say why you have colour restrictions

Simply because the darker the colours the harder it is to discern the icons, especially if your game is cast on a stream which is in turn being downscaled. We also want to avoid colour combinations which some players find difficult, such as red and pink, orange and yellow, blue and slightly darker blue, etc.

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