PTE Build 82000 arrives with massive AI changes

Uber have released PTE Build 82000 following on from PTE 81029 which introduced ChronoResume. Its functionality has been enhanced with the ability to resume anywhere when the game has finished and in replays! This PTE also comes packed with a huge number of AI fixes and enhancements, along with some additions which will help AI modders such as me make it an even more challenging opponent. Finally there are some fixes for both outstanding UI and Linux issues.

Uber are still working on updates to Galactic War, but jables has stated that he hopes to have them ready for PTE next week. Fingers crossed!

Please leave any feedback for Uber in the official thread. Details on how to access PTE can be found in the eXodus explains guide.


  • AI will take into account allied forces when calculating planet wide threat
  • Added stuck detection for AI area build task
  • Adjusted stuck AI stuck detection sensitivity
  • Reduced AI factory buffer size
  • AI will send more units at once through a teleporter from planets it has full control of
  • AI will expand faster on planets it has full control of
  • Adjusted how the AI sees armies occupying a planet
  • AI will do a better job of balancing its economy
  • AI can now use bomb bots
  • AI can now build and use the Unit Cannon
  • AI should try to get all of its units cannons in sync
  • AI will once again send orbital radars to other planets
  • AI will send fabbers with no build task back to a rally point, out of harms way
  • AI should do a better job of not sending fabbers half way around the planet right after dropping them off at a planet
  • AI will now enqueue orders on the sim rather than issuing them directly
  • AI will build more AA vehicles if it is losing the air battle
  • AI will build a deep space radar earlier when on a planet by itself
  • AI will build an orbital launcher earlier when on a planet by itself
  • AI will be more likely to place a teleporter on a planet, in anticipation of needing it later
  • AI will keep a group of fighters and bombers at the ready when on a planet by itself
  • AI will build at least one air factory when on a planet by itself
  • Improved the AI’s handling of Gas Giants
  • Added “unable_to_expand_delay” as an AI personality setting. The AI will now accumulate time that it is unable to expand. Once they delay has been reached, it will set the unable to expand flag, allowing the AI to react accordingly
  • Minor balance to get the AI building the Delta V Engine and Control Module again
  • Fix for bug preventing the AI from using Delta V Engines
  • Fix for the PlanetHasUseableWeapon build condition not working as expected
  • The CanAffordBuildDemand build condition now supports build items with no spec to build. This will now just evaluate the condition using the fabber’s build arm drain
  • Added new AI build conditions:
    • CurrentEnergyEfficiency
    • CurrentMetalEfficiency
    • SpawnablePlanetCount
    • PlanetIsMainEcoBase
    • DistFromNearestEnemyThreat
    • PlanetHighestEnemyArmyThreat
    • FocusTargetThreatRatio
    • PlanetHighestEnemyArmyThreatRatio
    • PlanetIsGasGiant
  • Fix for AI not expanding on planets with little to no metal
  • Fix for typo in AI fabber air builds
  • Fixes for cases where the AI would seem to lose track of a fabber
  • Fix where the AI would get stuck on mixed terrain planets
  • AI platoon templates and unit map are now located in a separate folder in the AI content folder
  • The AI can now load multiple platoon template and unit map files
  • Added a cheaper path fixup function to nav. AI now makes use of the cheaper path fixup function
  • AI no longer ticks platoons that are in celestial transit
  • AI will not tick platoons in transit via the unit cannon
  • AI now can now create unit threat data on demand. This helps support units that are not included in unit_list.json
  • Removed unnecessary AI build item
  • Fix for some AI planet counting stuff
  • Updated default personality values
  • Build item renames
  • Fix the AllMetalSpotsFull build condition


  • Units are now able to reclaim wreckage while patrolling
  • Patrolling units are now able to reclaim trees


  • Firing arc and effects adjustments
  • Ammo Gravity Scalar increased to 6 from 3
  • Max Firing Velocity increased to 88 from 68
  • Min Firing Velocity increased to 85 from 65
  • Added a small explosion when ammo hits to better communicate its small amount of splash damage


  • Accuracy improvement
  • Ammo Velocity increased to 1500.0 from 500.0

Unit Cannon

  • Fix Unit Cannon not decaying if you stop building it
  • Atrophy Rate set to 140
  • Atrophy Cool Down set to 15


  • Resume Anywhere fixes
  • Enable Resume Anywhere after gameover
  • Enable ChronoResume for replays

System Editor

  • Set the default water depth for planets to 100%. This only affects Galactic War and will only affect new wars


  • Removed Twitch integration as Twitch is no longer supporting it. Customers can still use a third party application, like OBS, to stream PA to Twitch
  • The system display widget will no longer show the missing image symbol when you rapidly change the system in the game lobby.
  • CSS fix so background images cover in irregular resolutions (portrait or square)
  • CSS fix in nav items to properly highlight text when a sub menu is displayed
  • Adjust CSS for messages that appear in dialogs
  • Game Over: swap text from “View Final” to “View Winner”
  • Fix for button jittering caused by timer display when simulating systems
  • Updates for save game labels positions in menus
  • Add a Game Menu button to the options panel
  • You can now choose to exit the game or exit to the Main Menu after selecting the ‘exit’ option from the live game menu
  • Selecting any menu item will now hide the menu
  • Replay: Remove animated text that causes weird flashing in the background
  • Armory: Remove title animation to fix flashing background
  • Armory: Fix line height in KS credit to not overlap w/ commander visual
  • Armory: Tweak indicator for default commander
  • Quit menu: Tweak text on commit buttons
  • Main menu: Added view intro button


  • Game should now crash with an explanatory error if the UI crashes, rather than just freezing
  • Fix some cursor bugs that Linux users with specific graphics drivers have been experiencing
  • Support opening browser from PA on Linux. It should now open the user’s preferred browser (by relying on the `xdg-open’ command.)
  • Fix invisible CSG for Linux users when playing on PlayFab or on someone’s Windows server, but not when playing offline. This should marginally reduce load times for all users.
  • Fix for crash caused by aiBrain no longer being valid during sim shutdown
  • Fix for beam weapons no longer being able to do splash damage
  • Revert a change which was causing the game to hang when leaving the game lobby on some machines
  • The server will no longer broadcast custom csg to clients when the system is changed in the game lobby
  • Make log filenames & first line of log contain date,which should help both sorting & figuring out which log matches what session
  • More logging for FMOD initialization failures
  • The pause simulation button will no longer reset the position of the planets

Known Issues

  • Replays of games played on a Local server are not visible in Replays.
  • Replays of games played on the PlayFab server can be found in Replays > My Saved Games.
  • Replays of games played before this build will not load.
  • In Replays, the Main Menu button from the ESC menu does not function. However, selecting Quit and Quit to Main Menu does work.
  • Saving a Galactic War game has not changed. Select Save Game (Beta), wait about 5-10 seconds, then exit out of the game. You can exit by selecting Quit to desktop.
  • Please note, selecting “Quit to Main Menu” will not save the game.
  • UnitCountInBase, UnitCountAroundBase, and unit count based placement rules for the AI are broken
  • AI won’t move its ships out of its base

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