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  • Date: 18th September, 2015
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The spit and polish continues as Uber release a fresh build to PTE. A number of lobby bugs have been squashed, AI and pathing improved, and some UI tweaks made. Nothing too radical, though I think everyone will be grateful for the lobby changes.

Feedback can be left for Uber in the threads for Classic and for Titans.


  • AI perf improvement to build location updates.
  • Reduce how often the AI updates planet army data while not training neural networks.
  • Added some new inputs to the AI neural networks.
    • These new inputs represent a more strategic view of the game. This helps the AI take planet wide information into account when deciding where to attack and when to run away.
    • The neural networks were retrained for both Classic and Titans
  • More work on rally point placement.
  • Altered the way the AI chooses rally points.
  • Improved AI threat responses.
  • AI will utilize boom bot platoons a bit better.
  • AI perf fix for when the AI has a number of fabbers that cannot find anything to build or assist with.


  • Fix for case were the connect to game screen would hang indefinitely due to getting a PollWaitTimeMS response. The screen will now only try a fixed number of times, then give up.
  • Bug fix for case where client crashed while in a lobby. The server lobby now correctly handles the case where clients disconnect without sending a leave message.
  • Fix for issue where players could not join a lobby where the creator was spectating and all other slots were empty.


  • Units will no longer move extremely slowly when in from of a group that has reached its goal.
  • Fix for segHitPathablePos improperly returning a voxel when the check failed.
    • This is to fix a specific case in factory build task where the rolloff position would be uninitialized, causing units to roll off at odd angles and move on invalid terrain and get stuck.


  • Reformat keybinds in action bar, display them within tooltips for idle fab/factories, ping, pip. Also added ability to access game stats from game menu.
  • Visual tweaks to the AI landing preferences control.
  • Added starting planet indicators to the system indicator in the new game, server browser, and load system scenes.
  • Steam users can now choose to use a display name that is different than the default Steam display name.
  • The AI landing zone policy widget will now appear when using a multi planet system that was not created using the advanced system editor.
  • Quick pass on armory tab that upsells titans. Now shows the following:
    • price
    • video trailer
    • description (pulled from steam)
    • min reqs (isn’t set to display relevant platform yet. added work needed.)
  • Adjusted the bounty mode economy modifier limits. The new limit is from 0.01 to 10.00


  • Removed the Artillery unit type from the Tesla bot.

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