PTE 81029 – the one with resume anywhere

It’s time for another PTE. Hidden amongst the minor AI tweaks and fix for naval shots missing their targets is the first release of a major feature: resume anywhere. Named ChronoResume you can now rewind time and do it all differently.

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  • Added Resume Anywhere in Single Player AI Skirmish and Galactic War using ChronoCam

Planetary Annihilation PTE 81029 ChronoResume resume anywhere

To use:

  1. Load or start a game
  2. Open Chronocam
  3. Rewind back to where you want to go. (You have to rewind at least 2 seconds)
  4. Select the Play From Here (Beta) button and Yes when asked “Rewind history and restart battle?”
  5. Wait for simulation to load​

Please note, ChronoResume does not work when the game ends or while watching Replays


  • Naval firing arc adjustments

Frigate (Narwhal)

  • Ammo Velocity decreased to 85.0 from 150.0

Destroyer (Orca)

  • Ammo Velocity decreased to 85.0 from 150.0

Battleship (Leviathan)

  • Ammo Velocity decreased to 110.0 from 150.0


  • Normal AI adjusted to make it more passive while making its expansion and base building behavior less erratic


  • Changed the way local GW saves are named to avoid filename issues

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