Casual VODs everywhere!

As you saw a few days ago we have now been joined by Andreas G. This was off the back of two tournaments he organised, the Andreas G Casual 3 and the Andreas G Pro 3. These two tournaments were very different in terms of players, but both provided some spectacular games. River and g0hst were there to capture the action and both have uploaded casts of the games they saw.

AndreasG Casual Logo

Every game that was cast is now available here at eXodus eSports. Hop over to the videos page to see them all, or to the casual matches or pro matches page to pick out the match you want. We think you’ll find there are some real gems in there. And don’t worry about spoilers on the matches page, everything past the first round is hidden unless you specifically turn on spoilers at the top of your screen.

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AndreasG Joins eXodus eSports

It’s a new dawn for eXodus eSports as renowned Planetary Annihilation player AndreasG joins the team. The organiser of the AndreasG Casual 3 and AndreasG Pro 3, this individual so modest he named his tournaments after himself will be working as a Tournament Admin. What does that mean? Simply put he’ll be helping us to continue putting on great tournaments for the Planetary Annihilation community, as well as help expand our every growing pool of community maps.

When asked if working for eXodus was everything he ever dreamed it could be, AndreasG had this to say:

“That is one way to put it. I like to think that eXodus chose me, I didn’t chose it. I never wanted fame, but the fame wanted me.”

Clearly he should be the poet in residence at eXodus.

To witness this beautiful partnership in action tune in to tomorrow’s Clan Wars Showdown 2.

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Three Tournaments Open For Sign-Up

Three, yep you read it right, three tournaments are currently open for sign-ups.

AndreasG Casual Logo

This Saturday we have AndreasG Casual, a tournament designed to cater to lower skill levels. It’s 1v1, but double-elimination. If there are enough sign-ups there’ll be a special bronze to gold bracket. There’s even a TeamSpeak server for people to sign into and it’s intended to be as casual a tournament as it’s possible to hold.

Super Commander Weekly Featured

Then the following week we have Weekly 14 of the long running SuperCommander series. Again, this is 1v1 but single-elimination and is intended to separate the best from the rest. Our very own King of the Planet Oxide Ion has been dominating this contest, but is the week he’ll be defeated?

Clan Wars Showdown 2Finally on the 23rd April we have Clan Wars Showdown 2. It’s been a year since the last one, but the scene is more active than ever and it’s time to sort out once more who’s the most organised, disciplined and generally skilled clan around. Without any cap on the number of teams a clan can field anyone interested can play.

It’s a great time for Planetary Annihilation TITANS and there’s something for everyone here. We hope to see you in one of them.

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More updates for PA? Jables says maybe.

  • Date: 26th February, 2016
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PA Chat

It has been a bit of an open secret for a while that Uber are working on something. But what? Well just today Jables finally decided to clear the air.

“Hi. @mikeyh ‘s statement is correct. We are still working on some things. No idea what or when any of them will be released, so not talking on any details so nobody gets upset if something or possibly everything falls off the list. It’ll really depend on if it all works out the way we want or not. We’ve got a small team still doing things for PA but work is much slower than when the whole company was on it, which we just can’t afford to do anymore, as the game isn’t bringing in enough to support that.

PA is our baby, and will remain a title we will continue wanting to poke at. This may not always be doable based on income, as we do have to keep the lights on and people paid. That being said, much like SupCom before it, this will be a title that I’ll always want to come back to when/if I can, and since it’s our own IP, we won’t have someone to block us later when that becomes a possibility.

I’ve probably opened a can of worms on this one huh? Not much details. Wish I could share more, but honestly, we don’t have them to share until the ideas prove out. I’m still around, and read the forums every morning. I have moved over to more of an overseeing Uber role nowdays however, so less involved in day to day development. I’ll try to actually reply more though.”

The post can be found here.

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VODs! I see VODs!

OK, I’ll be honest, we’ve been a little behind in linking up some of the tournament casts that have happened recently. But no more! Rising to the challenge like the titan that I am, Clopsey 12 and Clopsey 13 now have videos for every match that has found its way to YouTube.

The Bad Bot Buddies tournament was this past Saturday and we ran two separate casts to maximise the number of games covered. And there were some great games. Make sure to check back as we’ll have a new game from the tournament up every day, and the first has gone up today.

If you’re a caster who has been putting up videos for PA tournaments and we haven’t linked them, then let us know. We never say no to more videos. SuperCommander Weekly 13 is this coming Saturday and it’s open to all casters, so contact PRoeleert if you want to cast some games.

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First Look At Community Legion Expansion Faction


Rise of the Legion is Planetary Annihilation: TITAN’s first 3rd party faction modification. It adds the Imperial Legion, a race with a unique set of units and buildings to enhance the experience of Planetary Annihilation. Built especially for those who were missing the multiple race dynamic of other RTS, this opens up Planetary Annihilation to even more fun.

Some of the most prolific and talented modders of the Planetary Annihilation community have come together to build this mod for everyone to enjoy. This mod leaves the already existing vanilla faction totally untouched, those comfortable with sticking to what they know can do just that, but those wishing to play The Legion will find a host of new strategies and strengths available to them, and new weaknesses to contend with.

Planetary Annihilation is best enjoyed in cooperative teamplay, where the Legion mod as well will excel with mixed armies or Legion vs vanilla combinations. The Legion has its own set of fabrication units and factories producing a unique combat force that both compliments and opposes the units everyone knows. Discover the synergy between The Legion and vanilla as you and your friends fight alongside and against a force you have never seen before.

The Legion comes with its own set of commanders (Rockteeth and Overwatch) that grant the controlling player access to the Legion unit set. Simply select either commander in the lobby and deploy!

The team is working hard to release the first playable beta to the public. In the meantime enjoy the screenshots below and stay tuned for future updates.

Feel free to discuss with the team on the discussion thread and checkout the moddb page.

LegionFirstLook1 LegionFirstLook2 LegionFirstLook3 LegionFirstLook4LegionFirstLook5LegionFirstLook6LegionFirstLook7LegionFirstLook8

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Battle for $150 in the 2v2 Team Dual tournament

Planetary Annihilation TITANS Tournament Team Dual

It’s time to dual! eXodus eSports is proud to present Team Dual, a five round 2v2 tournament.

We have 32 team slots open to everyone, all skill levels welcome. This will be a single-elimination event, with best-of-three semi-finals and finals. All you need is a partner to claim a place in this tournament, so grab a friend and sign-up. Both of you will need to sign-up separately, just make sure you both enter the same team name.

We’ve got $150 up for grabs, so get practicing. You’ll also need a copy of the maps, be sure to ready your battle plans for each one.

Head over to the tournament page for the full details.

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Release build 89755 is live

If you checked out our item on PTE 89626 then know that this build appears unchanged. Major point of interest here is the removal of the ability to assist enemy units, thus removing the bomber hover exploit. Oh, and the Bolo has been renamed Ant following WPMarshall’s righteous victory in The Fight For The Ant.


  • AI will do a better job of keeping the Commander safe.
  • Improved the AI’s use of Tesla Bots.


  • Fix for case where a second Ragnarok firing would overwrite a previous Ragnarok firing.


  • You can no longer assist non-friendly units.
  • Improvements to the local server warnings:
    • 1) If you have set the local server setting to OFF, you will no longer see a message warning that your computer does not meet the requirements. It will still warn you that you have to either sign in or change your settings.
    • 2) The local server option in the server browser will be disabled if you have set the local server setting to OFF.
      Certain UI elements in the system editor would appear briefly while the JS was loading. They no longer appear before the scene is ready.
      Added keybindings for the ‘ammo’ build group.
  • Prevent player kill notifications from popping up at the start of a replay.
  • Fix starting planets not being indicated in the details pane of the server browser.


  • Bolos are now named Ants.
  • Added the structure tag to land mines.
  • Removed the ‘basic’ type from land mine, so that normal fabbers cannot build it. Also added the naval type, since mines can be built on water.
  • We now wait to check if the current build version is out of date until after the user has signed in.
  • Fix for an error that occurs when reconnecting to a game more than once.
  • Add Able commander to the catalog. This allows those that have Able to play it online.
  • Inform Windows that we are “DPI-aware” to fix Windows 10 changing the resolution of the game while in full screen mode.
  • Fix for audio dropping out in long/big games.

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