PTE 94533 released

  • Date: 20th May, 2016
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I’m sure I’m not alone in being excited for the PTE patch to hit stable and for all Planetary Annihilation players to benefit from its changes. However, it’s not quite ready. But that’s OK because the latest batch of changes have just been released and they include some rather essential fixes, including one for the long standing issue of the last slot in a lobby becoming broken.

Full changelog is below. The patch notes are also available on Uber’s forum. This patch builds on the changes introduced in PTE 94243 and PTE 94157

Reworked uploading of server mods and added server browser hook

  • moved uploading of server mods by host into connect_to_game which fixes many issues with the new game lobby loading without server mods ready and the freezes while server mods are uploading and remounting
  • added needsServerModsUpload for hosts starting a game or joining a waiting custom server
  • added serverModsUploading while uploading and remounting server mods
  • changed server_state handler to upload server mods if needed before redirecting to new_game
  • added mount_mod_file_data handler to remount server mods once uploaded then redirect to new_game
  • added hook for community mods to server_browser.js (will be used to show missing companion mods prior to joining or spectating games)

Fixed game over server freeze while writing replay

  •  fixed server mods not mounted by client in replays
  • added downloading_mod_data client message once replay file is loaded
  • added client.downloadModsFromServer once replay file is loaded
  • fixed server freeze 30 seconds after game over while replay is being written which prevents chat, stats, review, etc
  • removed writing of replay after 30 seconds
  • added REPLAY_TIMEOUT defaulting to 10 minutes to main
  • added –replay-timeout command line option to set REPLAY_TIMEOUT on custom servers
  • added write replay after REPLAY_TIMEOUT seconds even if all clients not disconnected (allows enough time for chat, stats, review, etc)
  • added REPLAY_FILENAME with default of empty for Uber servers
  • added –replay-filename command line option to set REPLAY_FILENAME on custom and local servers
  • changed game_over to use REPLAY_FILENAME if provided
  • added UTCTIMESTAMP option for REPLAY_FILENAME to automatically name replays on custom servers

Fixes for landing crash and can’t join game with revised colour table (work in progress)

  •  Fixed long standing can’t join game with empty slots issue caused by ubernet player disconnecting from lobby without leaving and calling removePlayerFromGame.
  • Added disconnected to removePlayer.
  • Added remove_disconnected_player message for host with ticket of player to be removed from game.
  • Revised colour table (work in progress).
  • Added helpers getRandomSecondaryColorIndexFor and self.getNextSecondaryColorIndexFor to colour manager.
  • Fixed null secondary colour in setPrimaryColorIndex with different numbers of secondary colours per primary colour and secondary colour no longer valid.
  • Changed setPrimaryColorIndex to use getRandomSecondaryColorIndexFor helper if secondary colour no longer valid.
  • Added mod_identifiers to ladder beacon.

Fixes for can’t join last game, empty systems and copyright info / layout.

  •  Fixed long standing can’t join game with empty slots issue caused by ubernet player disconnecting from lobby without leaving and calling removePlayerFromGame.
  • Added remove_disconnected_player handler which calls removePlayerFromGame for disconnected player in lobby.
  • Fixed buildVersion not in new_game model.
  • Updated copyright in start to include full time period and rights for Uber.
  • Tweaked start layout of copyright, watermarks and view intro button.
  • Added save to storage extenders.

First Legion tournament this Saturday

We hope by now that you are aware of the Legion Expansion, the new faction for Planetary Annihilation. While its still in beta at the moment, this Saturday’s SuperCommander will be a Legion tournament. You will be free to choose between either MLA or Legion.

This tournament is open to all, but to participate you will need to be running the PTE. That’s basically a beta patch for Planetary Annihilation. See our PTE guide for information, in particular step 10 which is necessary for you to see the servers that will be used for this tournament.

If you’re not playing then check out the tournament sidebar for details of the streams you’ll be able to watch the action on.

Super Commander Legion1

Legion Expansion v0.11.0 released

The Legion Expansion adds an entirely new faction to Planetary Annihilation. That’s over a hundred new units, offering a playstyle that’s completely different from the original faction. Currently in public beta, a new version has been released.

At the moment it is not possible to use the faction in multiplayer as it’s only accessible via the PTE, and the PTE servers have been taken offline for the time being. Thankfully the PTE is expected to move to stable this week at which point you’ll be able to play it against other humans once more. Until then the AI still works, either using the built-in AI or Queller AI.

Legion Expansion v0.11.0


  • Patriots automatically place themselves at the back of formations
  • MLA Commanders now outlined in blue in the lobby to match Legion
  • Earthshaker causes smaller forest fires
  • Corsair prioritises structures (excluding walls) over mobile units
  • Rampart uses team colour for its switching off effect


  • Gustav nerfed:
    • range decreased to 500 from 550
  • Earthshaker nerfed:
    • damage reduced from 2000 to 1500
  • Comet nerfed:
    • build cost increased from 2400 metal to 2500
    • health decreased from 4000 to 2500
    • bomber tag added to ensure ground AA shoots it before fighters
  • Nova overhaul:
    • build cost increased from 90 metal to 120
    • health decreased from 180 to 120
    • causes constant damage to all enemy air units within close proximity for 20 seconds
  • Miniman buffed:
    • bomb health increased from 125 to 130
    • bomb explosion timer decreased from 3 seconds to 2.5
    • bomb splash damage decreased from 500 to 250


  • Moved Rampart to correct location on build bar
  • Fixed colour of spectators in lobby when Legion theme is active
  • Fixed colour of Legion tag in games browser
  • Stoke now uses correct weapon identifier on its factory build image
  • Corsair now uses correct weapon identifier on its factory build image
  • Investigator in radar mode no longer creates errors in the logs
  • Fixed Decimator rocket trail

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Big Brother Tournament Videos

So you may be aware that on Saturday the Big Brother tournament was hosted, courtesy of River. This event was a 2v2 swiss, with the twist that each team could only have one platinum or higher ranked player. You might remember this twist from the Clopsey Pro-Am event.

Big Brother Poster

Thanks to this unique setup we saw a lot of very evenly matched teams fighting in incredibly close matches. These matches were covered by River himself who cast the entire tournament, as well as a few players who captured their own point-of-view.

The first two videos have already gone up and more will follow over the course of the week, so check in or grab the eXodus eSports in-game mod to keep track of the video feed.

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Legion Expansion update V0.10.0

The legion expansion has been updated to v0.10.0
See changelog below to see what’s new.

v0.10.0 – 2016/05/09

– New build effect
– Marauder firing sound fixed
– Improved Purger description
– More work done on the lobby UI
– Black Knight now heavily drains Ramparts
– Hive nerfed:
– reload time increased from 10 seconds to 14
– no longer accepts orders
– health reduced from 125 to 100
– cost increased from 600 metal to 750
– Swarms are now properly targeted by other units
– Swarm speed lowered from 60 to 50
– Swarms no longer accept orders
– Swarm lifetime lowered to 6 seconds from 6.5
– Peacekeeper buffed:
– weapon range increased from 70 to 75
– Air bomb splash damage only affects air units
– Fix Rockteeth commander not having a torpedo weapon
– Monstrosity nerfed:
– metal cost increased from 1700 to 1800
– health decreased from 6100 to 6000
– acceleration and brake decreased from 40/30 to 10/10
– turn speed decreased from 60 to 45
– main cannon yaw rate decreased from 70 to 30
– Purger buffed:
– damage increased from 350 to 450
– Stoke buffed:
– damage increased from 35 to 39
– splash damage increased from 10 to 25
– splash radius decreased from 7 to 6
– Lancer tweaked:
– damage against bots decreased by 15%
– damage against vehicles increased by 10%
– less likely to fire into the ground and do no damage to target
– Excalibur nerf:
– health decreased from 650 to 350
– Titans prioritise shooting other Titans
– Reduced Tyr splash radius from 180 to 160
– Improved ability of Arsonist to hit units
– Optimisation of Arsonist effects to reduce lag
– Hives can no longer overlap other units during placement
– Hive selection hexagon size increased to properly fit the unit
– Legion players now have a Legion Commander icon on the player list
– Legion UI can now be disabled separately for the menu and in-game UI
– Improvements to the way the intro video is displayed
– Improved main menu load time when Legion theme is disabled
– Optimised background images to reduce mod size

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Balance Goals of the Legion Expansion

With the Legion Expansion out there now a lot of people are getting their first taste of the faction. It takes a little getting used to and won’t play quite the same as MLA. In some cases we’ve identified balance concerns and this will be dealt with in the next patch, but in others it’s that players are used to the game playing a particular way and need to approach the Legion differently.

Lead Balancer Elodea had this to say about the balance of this new faction:

“Our goals for pacing are roughly as follows:

  • Early game: skirmish phase. MLA does all it can to expand and harass in order to set itself up better for the mid game against a matured Legion economy. MLA having an expansion advantage is baked into the faction balance, with some of it compensated with +1 metal income in the T1 Legion Mass Extractor.In regard to MLA having trouble making significant attacks early on, keep in mind that Hives being buggy at the moment is hiding this layer of early gameplay. This will be addressed in the next patch.
  • Mid game: conflict phase. Legion’s infrastructure has matured enough to allow it to make much less risky offensive pushes.
  • Late game: if both players have survived until now, they are fully duking it out on equal terms with T2 armies, titans and such.

At first it will seem like games are unnecessarily prolonged because it’s different from the MLA vs MLA gameplay we got used to where it’s a rush to whoever can snowball the other the quickest. However, I think games that constantly have the players going back and forth are better than those where one player gets a sudden decisive advantage. For me an exciting game could be a 2 minute game as much as a 2 hour game – it’s all about the journey.

One of the problems with the MLA pacing I wanted to solve was that 1v1 never felt like it had a natural timing for escalation and progression to T2. It hinged much too heavily on players being equally skilled so that unequal matches tended to be incredibly volatile. While most games will roughly follow the above, you still have options for fast timing attacks though. For example air first Marauder pressure, Purger cliff sniping, Peackeeper/Lancer combo rushing, and maybe other cool combos I haven’t discovered yet.

That said, it’s true that not everyone has a lot of time to play any one game, so I am hoping to have 1v1 legion games be about 20-25 minutes on average. If the vast majority of games I see on PA Stats and Twitch streams end up significantly deviating from this then it’s an issue that will get attention.

It’s also true that legion’s slower expansion gameplay has an impact when it comes to fighting on many different planet radius or metal densities. We are aware that raiding potential forms an important part of the toolkit players have to deal with these changing variables. As such we have specifically given Legion units such as the Marauder, Stoke, Comet, and Starcannon. Patriots are also much faster than Spinners, allowing you to raid with Peacekeepers and Lancers even without air control (a big problem with MLA).

I hope that gave you a better idea of what we intended to achieve for the Legion Expansion. However, if we are actually getting long spaces of nothing to do, prolonged games where the winner is obvious already (1v1 especially), or cookie cutter roles and builds, then the team and I will definitely try to address them!”

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Legion Expansion Public Beta Released

One of the things fans have been crying out for ever since Planetary Annihilation was released was another faction. A staple of RTS games since the dawn of time, multiple factions didn’t make it into the game due to budgetary constraints. We had to settle for just one.

Until now.

The Legion Expansion is a community mod which introduces an entirely new faction into the game. Featuring as many units as the original Machine Liberation Army (MLA), it provides an entirely new way to play. The Legion are far more focused on slower, more powerful units. There’s nothing subtle about them, they focus on holding their ground until they can achieve victory through a single mighty strike.

We have an article which introduces the Legion Expansion in full, walking you through all the new units, and helping to get you started in learning to play them. The faction is usable in both skirmish and multiplayer.

I look forward to this becoming a part of everyone’s standard setup. All you need is a copy of Planetary Annihilation TITANS and the mod can be downloaded for free via Community Mods.

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PTE 94243 launches with further modding and game enhancements

  • Date: 2nd May, 2016
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The PTE (public test environment) has been updated once more and comes with a lot of low level updates. If you’re a modder then this is all very exciting, and if you’re not then this means you can expect cooler mods in the future. Even if you don’t use mods a lot of the updates will help produce a better game experience for you.

Highlights in this PTE are fixes for the issues that plagued Linux users in the initial PTE, as well as support for custom Commanders. Yep, modders can now add new Commanders for you.

This is the beginning of a longer journey, but try out the PTE and we think you’ll agree it’s a huge improvement. Not sure how to load a PTE? Check out our guide on getting the PTE.

Custom servers and lobby chat history

  • added lobby chat history so hosts never lose messages when selecting system and new players joining lobby see recent chat history with MAX_LOBBY_CHAT_HISTORY of 100
  • added support for custom JSON messages in new lobby (will also add to playing)
  • added DEFAULT_LOBBY_NAME command line option
  • added DEFAULT_GAME_TYPE command line option
  • added some getMods helpers to server_utils
  • changed lobby beacon to use getModsForBeacon helper
  • changed empty beacon to use getModsForBeacon helper
  • added downloading_mod_data client message using getModsPayload helper
  • changed mount_mod_file_data to return mods using getModsPayload helper
  • added some uberId support for custom servers (work in progress)

Custom commanders in server mods

  • added custom commander support for server mods via commander_list.json and unit_list.json (both will be managed files in a future update to community mods)
  • changed commander utility to allow updates from server mods
  • added update of commanders in new game lobby when server mods are mounted
  • added update of commanders in new game cinematic when server mods are mounted

Connect to game

  • added downloading server mods message

New game lobby

  • added lobby chat history so hosts never lose messages when selecting system and new players joining lobby see recent chat history
  • changed gameType to use session (will now remember last selection)
  • added server mods status for hosts (uploading/downloading/mounting)
  • improved UI display of server mods and cheats (first pass)
  • added server mod description tooltips
  • deprecated combined updateActiveModAndCheatText
  • added updateMountedServerMods which is only called when changed
  • added updateActiveCheatText (may change to allow tooltips)
  • added setupAISkirmish for mods
  • replaced handleAISkirmishInitRule and exposed as checkAISkirmish for mods
  • added buildVersion
  • added isLocalGame, serverType and serverSetup from connect_to_game
  • added gameModIdentifiers set in connect_to_game from beacons, invites, etc which UI mods can use to determine what server mods will be mounted
  • added serverMods with the full modinfo from engine
  • added localChatMessage for mods
  • added mods message type
  • added serverModsState and serverModsStatus for upload / download / mount status for hosts and mods
  • added registerJsonMessageHandler and unregisterJsonMessageHandler for mods to send custom JSON messages via server
  • added registerHoldReady and unregisterHoldReady for mods to prevent ready
  • changed aiPersonalities to observable (breaking change and already handled by Queller AI)-

Live game chat

  • added spectator label for spectator only chat (first pass)
    added check to prevent sending empty invalid chat messages


  • changed api.mods.getMounted to return array (breaking change from previous PTE)
  • changed api.mods.publishServerMods to return a promise
  • changed api.mods.sendModFileDataToServer to return a promise
  • changed api.mods.mountModFileData to return a promise


  • fixed annoying white flash in player guide
  • improved tooltip visibility with an arrow you can actually see
  • changed gameModIdentifiers to observableArray

Bugfixes/polish items:

  • Fix for startup crash on Linux related to file case issues.

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PTE 94157 released featuring built-in mod manager

We have a guide on how to install a PTE version of Planetary Annihilation before it receives wider release.

It has been a while since the last Planetary Annihilation update, but Uber, eXodus eSports member mikeyh and wondible have been quietly working away in the background to prepare this new release. And what a release, featuring one of the most requested features by the community: an integrated mod manager. No longer will mods be tucked away in PA Mod Manager (PAMM), known only to a sub-section of the community. Finally they’re front-and-centre, having an equal position on the main menu with everything else.

Planetary Annihilation TITANS PTE 94132 Community Mods

This also brings other benefits, the biggest of which is auto-updating. No need to ensure you have the latest and greatest, the game does all that for you now.

So grab the PTE and check out this new feature, along with the other tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements it brings. Just make sure to uninstall your mods in PAMM first, then reinstall them via the Community Mods section. If you encounter any bugs or other issues you first stop should be the PA Support Wiki.

The full release notes are below.

Community Mods in game mod manager

No external application required.

  • added community mods in game mod manager to start menu
  • added auto updating of mods
  • added dependency tracking to automatically enable and disable dependency mods
  • replaces PAMM (PA Mod Manager) external application

Custom Server support

No mods required.

  • added game server browser support for hosting, joining and spectating custom server games
  • added game invite support for custom servers
  • added game configuration in new game support for custom servers
  • added reconnect support for custom servers to start menu
  • custom servers now advertise max players and max spectators


Applies to Uber and custom servers:

  • added metalClusters, metalDensity, landing_zones_count, metal_spots_count and planetCSG_count to game beacons and system info
  • added support for 32 colours (based on burntcustard 32 colour table)
  • added support for custom commanders
  • added support for selecting of AI commander
  • added server mod identifiers to game beacons
  • added support for custom servers to advertise max players and max spectators in game config beacons
  • added –max-players and –max-spectators command line options
  • added –server-password command line options for custom servers



  • added game info to session, connect_to_game and various scenes:
    • serverType / game_server_type (local|uber|custom)
    • serverSetup / game_server_setup (game|replay|loadsave)
    • gameType / game_type (Galactic War|Ladder1v1|FFA|TeamArmies)
    • gameModIdentifiers / game_mod_identifiers (work in progress)
  • deprecated joinLocalServer / join_local_server in preference to isLocalGame / is_local_game
  • changed isLocalGame to use the same is_local_game session key everywhere
  • changed join_lobby helper to use isLocalGame
  • updated to latest knockoutjs 3.4

new game

  • added support for model.send_message(‘set_ai_commander’, {id: model.playerId(), commander: commanderSpecString});
  • fixed empty spectators (playersWithoutArmies)
  • added spectatorCount
  • added emptySpectatorSlots
  • added serverModsUpdated
  • added serverModsLoaded

live game

  • exposed listen_to_spectators in GameOptionModel
  • fixed lobbyId not set

build bar

  • improved modability of build bar (wondible)

icon atlas / strategic icons

  • added engine support for server mods and reloading (Uber)


  • updated to latest strophe


  • added for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.file.list for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.memory.remount for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.mods.getMounted (Uber)
  • deprecated api.mods.getMountedMods (Uber)


  • implemented watcher support for OS X / linux
  • implemented memory mounted shader reloading


game server browser

  • added saving of game server browser filters with reset filters button

galactic war

  • changed default save name to include time

live game

  • changed default save name to include time
  • changed global spectator chat default to team chat


  • added searching by display name
  • added lobby status to game invites
  • added cancelling of game invites if full or inviter leaves lobby
  • improved reconnect handling



  • fixed windows laptops with AMD GPUs to always use discrete (Uber)
  • fixed negative output of dither in HDR compose pass… should fix crash on Intel 5xx GPUs (Uber)


  • fixed windows 10 audio issues with updated FMOD (Uber)


  • fixed display names not updating
  • fixed buy missing content dialog description when a classic player is invited to a titans game
  • fixed a long standing issue where a network / data issue or reloading the uberbar reset the user tag map and killed friends list
  • fixed the ubernet extender to not lose data or use bad data from playfab or local storage
  • fixed the ubernet extender to correctly check previous and not update on refresh
  • fixed long standing issue with large user tag and id to interaction time maps (based on optimise user tag map)
  • fixed a long standing issue where idToJabberPresenceTypeMap and idToJabberPresenceStatusMap were not written to session storage
  • fixed long standing issue where searches of existing friends add duplicates to friends list
  • fixed invites to private games
  • fixed long standing issue where previously accepted game invite fails then later invite from same person teleports you into new game without confirmation

new game

  • fixed game password lost after refresh, selecting system, settings, etc

live game

  • fixed alt-tab back to PA then backspace with chat window open triggering window back then reload or connecting to server

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