EXodus ESports Welcomes Quitch and Captain Conundrum, Takes Over King of the Planet

After working closely together in order to put on the King of the Planet series of events, we at eXodus eSports are happy to welcome Quitch* and Captain Conundrum* as the newest members of our team.  As full team members they will no longer focus exclusively on King of the Planet, but work on all aspects of our Planetary Annihilation activity, including videos, tournaments, and guides. Quitch had this to say:

I can’t believe [Captain Conundrum] is still tailing me, didn’t I get a restraining order or something?

eXodus eSports has already been working closely with the King of the Planet series, both in administration and broadcasting. With this change, KotP will now be run entirely under eXodus, meaning you can find all future news and content in our King of the Planet section, and future broadcasts on our stream. In celebration, we’re releasing a new trailer! Just a note, we’re not running a series this weekend because of the PACE event, and we’ll also miss one in 2 weeks because of something epic you’ll hear more about soon.

*Name styling done at the request of Quitch and Captain Conundrum

Supernova Showdown Results

Congrats [RLM] burntcustard …for winning the Supernova Showdown and it’s $70 first place prize! Also congrats to Cola_Colin|VoW for making it to the finals and securing the $30 second place prize.

It was an exciting event for us, our first so far, and we definitely want to thank all the players and all the viewers for making this event possible. Now that our opening event is done, we’re going to spend some more time worrying about content. We also may or may not put up a blog post reflecting on how the tournament went from an organizers perspective. There’s a lot of people trying to host tournaments right now, and sharing experiences can only help.

Results from the event can be found here.

You can also find the prelim results here.

VODs will be up in the next few days. We’ll make another post once they’re up.

Prelim Tournament to Supernova Showdown

You asked for it, so we’re delivering: This Friday, at 20:30 UTC, turn on your PA and get your game on for your chance at the 16th spot in the Supernova Showdown and the $100 prize pool. Here’s the details:

  • Tournament format will be 1v1 Single Elimination.
  • Brackets will be provided on exodusesports.com It is the players responsibility to find and play their matches.
  • Systems to be played will be determined by tournament officials.
  • In the case where system sharing is not ready in time for the event, details on how to generate them will be posted by tournament officials.
  • Players must be in the lobby ready for their next match at most 15 minutes after the end of their previous match.
  • Players must be in tournament IRC at all times.
  • The consequences for violating any of these rules is a disqualification.
  • No official casting will be provided for the event, players and casters are free to stream games at their discretion.


  • Single elimination
  • Fox only
  • Final destination

You can ignore the last 2, then visit the tournament page here, or go straight to the sign up page here.

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

It’s not long ago that the Planetary Annihilation held its breath in excitement, as for the first time ever, players were going to compete with each other in a real tournament, with commentators, streams, and prizes. We’ve come quite a long way since then. The game has changed a ton. Orbital is a viable part of the game now. Pelters no longer rain the wrath of the gods on approaching armies. And the UTC-8 Pounder Histericles Titanium Insect Unit Cannon Ant has undergone another name change. But while the game itself has made a ton of progress, many of us who are now part of eXodus felt that the events, both in organization and in production, hadn’t kept up.

We created eXodus eSports with the intent of fixing that. After less than a week of development, and just a few weeks of planning, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new website, as well as the launch of our first major event: Supernova Showdown. At the same time, we’ll be using our resources and expertise to take cpt.conundrum’s and the King of the Planet series to new heights. With collectively years of experience in developing, hosting, and streaming esports events, we’re confident we can deliver these things and more, as we continue to take Planetary Annihilation esports to new heights.

The eXodus is coming. Don’t miss it.