Learn the fundamentals of Planetary Annihilation from the King of the Planet

  • Date: 22nd January, 2015
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Current King of the Planet, PAG_elodea, has released another of his Easy Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order guides. But this time it’s a DIY edition.

Rather than provide a set build order that you memorise and follow, this guide will break down the fundamentals of what good play looks like, including:

  • Mods and setting up UI
  • Ingame camera and hotkeys
  • Economy
  • Map analysis
  • Scouting
  • Micro

Everything you need to succeed is here, set to a backdrop of glorious elevator music.

So check out the Easy Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order #7 DIY Edition to see what has made elodea one of the best players of Planetary Annihilation today.

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