Communication and Teamwork in Planetary Annihilation


(P)Jonasmod of Promethean has written up an article called Communication and Teamwork in Planetary Annihilation on how to succeed in team games. It’s all about, you guessed it, communication and teamwork. Come learn from this veteran of the Clan Wars.

“I’m (P)Jonasmod. I’ve played Planetary Annihilation since mid-beta and my favourite game mode is 2v2, shared armies. I’ve participated in a couple of tournaments, am a senior member of the Promethean Clan and have played in Clan Wars season one.

I’ve gained some respect from being able to beat players far better than me together with my teammate, (P)Killander.

The key to victory is communication. I will share how we communicate and what kind of information you should share with your partner during a game.”

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