Commander Reclaim Ruins Planetary Annihilation [updated]

UPDATE: a video demonstrating Com Reclaim Fix has been added to the article.

Over time every RTS develops a meta; units come into favour and fall out of it, people develop new tactics which defeat the old. An RTS doesn’t become stale until a strategy emerges that is so dominant is becomes required above all others.

Commander Reclaim

In the article Commander Reclaim: How To Ruin PA, elodea makes the argument that Commander reclaim meets these criteria. A strategy which comes off the back of changes designed to make the Commander harder to repair or reclaim to death, earlier this year Qzipco discovered that it could be used as a means to jump start your economy.

Elodea walks you through what he sees as the problem and proposes some fixes for it. Check out the full article and let us know your thoughts.

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