Another epic Clan Wars fixture

In our biggest Clan Wars livestream yet three clans faced off in six matches, each of them a four versus four. They did battle on systems featuring one planet, they did battle on systems featuring several. Some games were over in less than fifteen minutes, others lasted over an hour. We saw everything from bot rushes to nuclear strikes to planet smashes. Clans did battle the ground, in the air and even in space. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and to the clans for some fantastic matches and spectacular moments.

But perhaps you missed it? Well don’t worry because we’ve got videos of every game for you to view.

Team Burning vs. The Cult [Home]

Team Burning [Home] vs. PA Gods (match of the fixture)

PA Gods vs. The Cult [Home]

Team Burning [Home] vs. The Cult

Team Burning vs. PA Gods [Home]

PA Gods [Home] vs. The Cult

Thanks also to both ZaphodX and WPMarshall who did us proud, maintaining a high level of professionalism and at no point wandering off in rambling diatribes about supermarkets and jokes you’d need to be British to understand.

video contains spoilers for PA Gods vs. The Cult [Home]

The next Clan Wars fixture features The Realm, Promethean and Voices of War and is on the 31st January, 1900 UTC. We hope to see you there!

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