Announcing Clash Of The TITANS

Planetary Annihilation Clash Of The TITANS Tournament

eXodus eSports is proud to present Clash Of The TITANS, a 1v1 six round swiss tournament.

It’s our biggest prize pool yet with $600 up for grabs. It’s a deep pool too, monetary prizes for the first seven places in the tournament. You don’t need to be the best to be in with a chance to win something, but rise to the top and $300 can be yours. See the sidebar for full details on the prize distribution.

This is a swiss style tournament. 64 players can participate in six rounds, no one gets knocked out, you get a game every round. New to swiss? As the rounds advance the swiss system calculates a score based on your results and the seeding of your opponents. The deeper into the tournament you go the more well matched your opponents will be. It’s a tournament designed to give you better and better matches as you go on.

Sign-ups are now open.

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