AndreasG Joins eXodus eSports

It’s a new dawn for eXodus eSports as renowned Planetary Annihilation player AndreasG joins the team. The organiser of the AndreasG Casual 3 and AndreasG Pro 3, this individual so modest he named his tournaments after himself will be working as a Tournament Admin. What does that mean? Simply put he’ll be helping us to continue putting on great tournaments for the Planetary Annihilation community, as well as help expand our every growing pool of community maps.

When asked if working for eXodus was everything he ever dreamed it could be, AndreasG had this to say:

“That is one way to put it. I like to think that eXodus chose me, I didn’t chose it. I never wanted fame, but the fame wanted me.”

Clearly he should be the poet in residence at eXodus.

To witness this beautiful partnership in action tune in to tomorrow’s Clan Wars Showdown 2.

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