Andreas G Casual/Pro tournaments this weekend

The week has only just begun but we’re already looking ahead to Saturday, and it’s going to be a glorious day with not one but two tournaments. And I suspect every game will be higher quality than the Euro 2016 final just gone.

For those not familiar with the Casual/Pro format we host two sets of 1v1 double-elimination brackets. The Pro tournament is open only to players ranked Platinum or Uber, while the Casual tournament is for players ranked Gold or lower. The idea is to allow those of you who just want to have some fun games to come along and play in a tournament without worrying your first round opponent will be Qzipco. There’s no pressure, no stakes, it’s just all good fun. And because it’s double-elimination you’re guaranteed a minimum of two games. You might even get your game cast too!

We got some feedback following the last tournament that some casual players were intimidated by some of the players signing up. To fix that we’ve split the tournaments in two right from the start, rather than shuffling players around on the way.

Head over to the tournament page and submit your name now. We’ll see you on Saturday!

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