The Advanced Fighter returns as the interplanetary Phoenix in PTE 77272

The PTE has been updated to version 77272 with the T2 fighter makes its triumphant return as the interplanetary Phoenix, your new means for breaking those planets locked down by Bumblebees. This ability has also been unlocked for modders to play with. In addition there are a host of balance changes, a nice new weapon for the anchor, and the AI has become even smarter.

Check our previous news item for all the previous changes and naval balance design vision. As ever, Uber are looking for feedback on the changes.


Advanced Fighter (Phoenix) – NEW UNIT

Planetary Annihilation Phoenix and Hummingbird

  • Can move between planets
  • Health set to 350
  • Metal Cost set to 720
  • System Velocity Multiplier set to 15.0
  • Gravwell Velocity Multiplier set to 6.0
  • Move Speed set to 80
  • Turn Speed set to 270
  • Surface/Air/Underwater Vision set to 150
  • Damage set to 80
  • Range set to 120
  • Rate of Fire set to 4


Planetary Annihilation Anchor courtesy of [RLM]burntcustard

  • Now has two anti-orbital guns and one anti-terrestrial
  • Metal Cost reduced from 3600 to 1800
  • Surface/Air/Underwater Vision increased from 0 to 120
  • Damage set to 65
  • Orbital Rate of Fire set to 5.0
  • Orbital Range set to 150
  • Terrestrial Rate of Fire set to 2.0
  • Terrestrial Range set to 120

Tactical Bomber (Hornet)

  • Spread Fire set to True

Destroyer (Orca)

  • Rate of Fire increased from 0.5 to 0.6
  • Range increased from 180 to 200

Missile Ship (Stingray)

  • Missile Range increased from 210 to 225

Gunboat (Piranha)

  • Move Speed increased from 15 to 20
  • Acceleration increased from 150 to 200
  • Brake increased from 50 to 75

Advanced Torpedo Launcher

  • Rate of Fire reduced from 3.0 to 2.5

Gunship (Kestrel)

  • Health increased from 300 to 350
  • Metal Cost decreased from 960 to 720

t1 Artillery (Pelter)

  • Health increased from 500 to 1000

t2 Artillery (Holkins)

  • Health increased from 1500 to 5000

Missile Ship (Stingray)

  • Missile model changed from missile_tactical to missile

Torpedo Launcher

  • Rate of Fire decreased from 1.0 to 0.8

Submarine (Barracuda)

  • Health increased from 300 to 550
  • Metal Cost increased from 300 to 400

Stealth Sub (Kraken)

  • Max Health increased from 1800 to 2100
  • Metal Cost decreased from 2400 to 1800

Torpedoes (weapon)

  • All torpedoes no longer deal AOE damage


  • AI will now handle water maps better by not building in small lakes
  • Fix for AI not being able to use Air units from last PTE
  • AI performance improvements


  • Sounds and audio work

Undocumented Changes

  • Reduction to Dox ammo lifetime (to resolve the overshoot bug/exploit?)


Courtesy of sorian:

“For the new advanced fighter I added a new field to the navigation block: “inter_planetary_type”. Valid values are: “none”, “gravwell”, and “system”.

This value works for all mobile air and orbital units. So, if you wanted an air or orbital transport that could transport between planets in the same gravwell, you would add “inter_planetary_type” : “gravwell” to the units navigation block.

Have fun modders.”

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    Nice. The orbital/air unit has been talked about for a long time, and the new modding capabilities its inclusion introduces is very welcome.

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