13 brand new balanced maps for PA Stats matchmaking [UPDATED]

Update: Elodea has provided a detailed breakdown of these maps.

The fantastic Team Genesis has just completed testing of 13 carefully balanced systems for PA Stats 1v1 matchmaking.

Dust of Doom

Dust of Doom - Sands of Death

taxman 2v2

Taxman 2v2

Tug of War

Tug of War

Cross Back

Cross Back

Water World

Water World - Boat Prime




Honeypot - Planet Bob Honeypot - Masteroid Honeypot - SuperBiscuit

Station 3

Station 3



Systeem X

Systeem X - Maan X

Capital N

Capital N - Block


Faceoff - Singopalis Faceoff - Armstrong Faceoff - Pebble

You’ve got moons, lava, desert, tropical, metal, all in single planet and multi-planet configurations, all carefully tested to ensure fair metal distribution and spawns. It’s a stunning achievement derived from the team’s hard work. You’ll find them all listed in the PA Stats 1vs1 Systems tab when loading a system.

Get out there and get matching!

You can see some of the maps in action in a rather informal eXodus Twitch stream.

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