Catch-up with the action from The Lord’s Annual

It was a 09:00 UTC start, perfectly suited for its primarily Australasia teams and absolutely terrible for almost everyone else. Thankfully G0hst, LuckyRed and Beerforkids were present to the capture all the action for those of us still sleeping in our beds.

Watch as ten teams of three battle for 30 AUD across an exciting variety of maps, courtesy of Guest1. VODs of the matches are available over on The Lord’s Annual tournament matches page, just look for the YouTube symbol, or visit the videos’ archive.

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Another epic Clan Wars fixture

In our biggest Clan Wars livestream yet three clans faced off in six matches, each of them a four versus four. They did battle on systems featuring one planet, they did battle on systems featuring several. Some games were over in less than fifteen minutes, others lasted over an hour. We saw everything from bot rushes to nuclear strikes to planet smashes. Clans did battle the ground, in the air and even in space. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and to the clans for some fantastic matches and spectacular moments.

But perhaps you missed it? Well don’t worry because we’ve got videos of every game for you to view.

Team Burning vs. The Cult [Home]

Team Burning [Home] vs. PA Gods (match of the fixture)

PA Gods vs. The Cult [Home]

Team Burning [Home] vs. The Cult

Team Burning vs. PA Gods [Home]

PA Gods [Home] vs. The Cult

Thanks also to both ZaphodX and WPMarshall who did us proud, maintaining a high level of professionalism and at no point wandering off in rambling diatribes about supermarkets and jokes you’d need to be British to understand.

video contains spoilers for PA Gods vs. The Cult [Home]

The next Clan Wars fixture features The Realm, Promethean and Voices of War and is on the 31st January, 1900 UTC. We hope to see you there!

Catch-up with all the action from December Deadlock

As you may recall we held a 1v1 tournament earlier this month called December Deadlock. Some of the best players of Planetary Annihilation gathered to compete for a £50/$78 prize and we saw some truly epic games. It was a great live experience.

But perhaps you couldn’t make it. If so, fear not, because every VOD has now been uploaded and is available for you over on the matches page. AL in particular won our match of the tournament award and we’d strongly recommend that you check it out.

See the last of the games prior to the latest balance patch, and take the chance to bid goodbye to that era as everyone starts to figure out this new meta.

VODs now available for Team Burning vs. Promethean

If you missed the second exciting fixture of Clan Wars season one then fear not, for VODs of the event can now be found over on the Clan Wars matches page. The first match was fought on Promethean’s home system, while the second match was on Team Burning’s. Commentary is provided by WPMarshall and PAG_Clopse, and post-game interviews are included in both VODs.

Our next fixture is The Cult vs. Voices of War on the 11th October, so be sure to tune in!

Catch-up with ZaphodX’s PAX vlogs and casts

ZaphodX was the man on the ground for eXodus eSports at PAX Prime 2014. Invited by Uber Entertainment, he was flown over along with TheWrongCat and WPMarshall to cast Planetary Annihilation games live in the Uber booth.

The choicest games, along with all the vlogs he recorded while there, will be added to our PAX Prime 2014 page, accessible under the Events menu.

Be sure to check back for more cast games which we’ll be adding to the page as they become available.

Behind the scenes at PAX Prime

ZaphodX has posted another vblog for us presenting a behind-the-scenes view at Uber Entertainment’s Planetary Annihilation PAX Prime booth. Check out their setup, the swag, and get a little inside news.

ZaphodX will be casting at PAX Prime

If you’re intending to go to PAX Prime then be sure to head for Uber Entertainment’s booth to see eXodus’s ZaphodX casting Planetary Annihilation games alongside Uber’s metabolical. It’s safe to say he’s pretty excited, as shown in his vblog.