Legion Expansion v0.11.0 released

The Legion Expansion adds an entirely new faction to Planetary Annihilation. That’s over a hundred new units, offering a playstyle that’s completely different from the original faction. Currently in public beta, a new version has been released.

At the moment it is not possible to use the faction in multiplayer as it’s only accessible via the PTE, and the PTE servers have been taken offline for the time being. Thankfully the PTE is expected to move to stable this week at which point you’ll be able to play it against other humans once more. Until then the AI still works, either using the built-in AI or Queller AI.

Legion Expansion v0.11.0


  • Patriots automatically place themselves at the back of formations
  • MLA Commanders now outlined in blue in the lobby to match Legion
  • Earthshaker causes smaller forest fires
  • Corsair prioritises structures (excluding walls) over mobile units
  • Rampart uses team colour for its switching off effect


  • Gustav nerfed:
    • range decreased to 500 from 550
  • Earthshaker nerfed:
    • damage reduced from 2000 to 1500
  • Comet nerfed:
    • build cost increased from 2400 metal to 2500
    • health decreased from 4000 to 2500
    • bomber tag added to ensure ground AA shoots it before fighters
  • Nova overhaul:
    • build cost increased from 90 metal to 120
    • health decreased from 180 to 120
    • causes constant damage to all enemy air units within close proximity for 20 seconds
  • Miniman buffed:
    • bomb health increased from 125 to 130
    • bomb explosion timer decreased from 3 seconds to 2.5
    • bomb splash damage decreased from 500 to 250


  • Moved Rampart to correct location on build bar
  • Fixed colour of spectators in lobby when Legion theme is active
  • Fixed colour of Legion tag in games browser
  • Stoke now uses correct weapon identifier on its factory build image
  • Corsair now uses correct weapon identifier on its factory build image
  • Investigator in radar mode no longer creates errors in the logs
  • Fixed Decimator rocket trail

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Legion Expansion update V0.10.0

The legion expansion has been updated to v0.10.0
See changelog below to see what’s new.

v0.10.0 – 2016/05/09

– New build effect
– Marauder firing sound fixed
– Improved Purger description
– More work done on the lobby UI
– Black Knight now heavily drains Ramparts
– Hive nerfed:
– reload time increased from 10 seconds to 14
– no longer accepts orders
– health reduced from 125 to 100
– cost increased from 600 metal to 750
– Swarms are now properly targeted by other units
– Swarm speed lowered from 60 to 50
– Swarms no longer accept orders
– Swarm lifetime lowered to 6 seconds from 6.5
– Peacekeeper buffed:
– weapon range increased from 70 to 75
– Air bomb splash damage only affects air units
– Fix Rockteeth commander not having a torpedo weapon
– Monstrosity nerfed:
– metal cost increased from 1700 to 1800
– health decreased from 6100 to 6000
– acceleration and brake decreased from 40/30 to 10/10
– turn speed decreased from 60 to 45
– main cannon yaw rate decreased from 70 to 30
– Purger buffed:
– damage increased from 350 to 450
– Stoke buffed:
– damage increased from 35 to 39
– splash damage increased from 10 to 25
– splash radius decreased from 7 to 6
– Lancer tweaked:
– damage against bots decreased by 15%
– damage against vehicles increased by 10%
– less likely to fire into the ground and do no damage to target
– Excalibur nerf:
– health decreased from 650 to 350
– Titans prioritise shooting other Titans
– Reduced Tyr splash radius from 180 to 160
– Improved ability of Arsonist to hit units
– Optimisation of Arsonist effects to reduce lag
– Hives can no longer overlap other units during placement
– Hive selection hexagon size increased to properly fit the unit
– Legion players now have a Legion Commander icon on the player list
– Legion UI can now be disabled separately for the menu and in-game UI
– Improvements to the way the intro video is displayed
– Improved main menu load time when Legion theme is disabled
– Optimised background images to reduce mod size

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PTE 94157 released featuring built-in mod manager

We have a guide on how to install a PTE version of Planetary Annihilation before it receives wider release.

It has been a while since the last Planetary Annihilation update, but Uber, eXodus eSports member mikeyh and wondible have been quietly working away in the background to prepare this new release. And what a release, featuring one of the most requested features by the community: an integrated mod manager. No longer will mods be tucked away in PA Mod Manager (PAMM), known only to a sub-section of the community. Finally they’re front-and-centre, having an equal position on the main menu with everything else.

Planetary Annihilation TITANS PTE 94132 Community Mods

This also brings other benefits, the biggest of which is auto-updating. No need to ensure you have the latest and greatest, the game does all that for you now.

So grab the PTE and check out this new feature, along with the other tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements it brings. Just make sure to uninstall your mods in PAMM first, then reinstall them via the Community Mods section. If you encounter any bugs or other issues you first stop should be the PA Support Wiki.

The full release notes are below.

Community Mods in game mod manager

No external application required.

  • added community mods in game mod manager to start menu
  • added auto updating of mods
  • added dependency tracking to automatically enable and disable dependency mods
  • replaces PAMM (PA Mod Manager) external application

Custom Server support

No mods required.

  • added game server browser support for hosting, joining and spectating custom server games
  • added game invite support for custom servers
  • added game configuration in new game support for custom servers
  • added reconnect support for custom servers to start menu
  • custom servers now advertise max players and max spectators


Applies to Uber and custom servers:

  • added metalClusters, metalDensity, landing_zones_count, metal_spots_count and planetCSG_count to game beacons and system info
  • added support for 32 colours (based on burntcustard 32 colour table)
  • added support for custom commanders
  • added support for selecting of AI commander
  • added server mod identifiers to game beacons
  • added support for custom servers to advertise max players and max spectators in game config beacons
  • added –max-players and –max-spectators command line options
  • added –server-password command line options for custom servers



  • added game info to session, connect_to_game and various scenes:
    • serverType / game_server_type (local|uber|custom)
    • serverSetup / game_server_setup (game|replay|loadsave)
    • gameType / game_type (Galactic War|Ladder1v1|FFA|TeamArmies)
    • gameModIdentifiers / game_mod_identifiers (work in progress)
  • deprecated joinLocalServer / join_local_server in preference to isLocalGame / is_local_game
  • changed isLocalGame to use the same is_local_game session key everywhere
  • changed join_lobby helper to use isLocalGame
  • updated to latest knockoutjs 3.4

new game

  • added support for model.send_message(‘set_ai_commander’, {id: model.playerId(), commander: commanderSpecString});
  • fixed empty spectators (playersWithoutArmies)
  • added spectatorCount
  • added emptySpectatorSlots
  • added serverModsUpdated
  • added serverModsLoaded

live game

  • exposed listen_to_spectators in GameOptionModel
  • fixed lobbyId not set

build bar

  • improved modability of build bar (wondible)

icon atlas / strategic icons

  • added engine support for server mods and reloading (Uber)


  • updated to latest strophe


  • added api.download for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.file.list for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.file.zip for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.memory.remount for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.mods.getMounted (Uber)
  • deprecated api.mods.getMountedMods (Uber)


  • implemented watcher support for OS X / linux
  • implemented memory mounted shader reloading


game server browser

  • added saving of game server browser filters with reset filters button

galactic war

  • changed default save name to include time

live game

  • changed default save name to include time
  • changed global spectator chat default to team chat


  • added searching by display name
  • added lobby status to game invites
  • added cancelling of game invites if full or inviter leaves lobby
  • improved reconnect handling



  • fixed windows laptops with AMD GPUs to always use discrete (Uber)
  • fixed negative output of dither in HDR compose pass… should fix crash on Intel 5xx GPUs (Uber)


  • fixed windows 10 audio issues with updated FMOD (Uber)


  • fixed display names not updating
  • fixed buy missing content dialog description when a classic player is invited to a titans game
  • fixed a long standing issue where a network / data issue or reloading the uberbar reset the user tag map and killed friends list
  • fixed the ubernet extender to not lose data or use bad data from playfab or local storage
  • fixed the ubernet extender to correctly check previous and not update on refresh
  • fixed long standing issue with large user tag and id to interaction time maps (based on optimise user tag map)
  • fixed a long standing issue where idToJabberPresenceTypeMap and idToJabberPresenceStatusMap were not written to session storage
  • fixed long standing issue where searches of existing friends add duplicates to friends list
  • fixed invites to private games
  • fixed long standing issue where previously accepted game invite fails then later invite from same person teleports you into new game without confirmation

new game

  • fixed game password lost after refresh, selecting system, settings, etc

live game

  • fixed alt-tab back to PA then backspace with chat window open triggering window back then reload or connecting to server

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More updates for PA? Jables says maybe.

  • Date: 26th February, 2016
  • Category: Update
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PA Chat

It has been a bit of an open secret for a while that Uber are working on something. But what? Well just today Jables finally decided to clear the air.

“Hi. @mikeyh ‘s statement is correct. We are still working on some things. No idea what or when any of them will be released, so not talking on any details so nobody gets upset if something or possibly everything falls off the list. It’ll really depend on if it all works out the way we want or not. We’ve got a small team still doing things for PA but work is much slower than when the whole company was on it, which we just can’t afford to do anymore, as the game isn’t bringing in enough to support that.

PA is our baby, and will remain a title we will continue wanting to poke at. This may not always be doable based on income, as we do have to keep the lights on and people paid. That being said, much like SupCom before it, this will be a title that I’ll always want to come back to when/if I can, and since it’s our own IP, we won’t have someone to block us later when that becomes a possibility.

I’ve probably opened a can of worms on this one huh? Not much details. Wish I could share more, but honestly, we don’t have them to share until the ideas prove out. I’m still around, and read the forums every morning. I have moved over to more of an overseeing Uber role nowdays however, so less involved in day to day development. I’ll try to actually reply more though.”

The post can be found here.

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Planetary Annihilation: TITANS Is Here

There has been a mystery brewing at Uber and a lot of people have been guessing as to what it might be. New units? New balance? New terrain? Hover units? More orbital?

No one guessed it would be all of that and more.

Planetary Annihilation Titans

Introducing Planetary Annihilation Titans, a standalone expansion for Planetary Annihilation. Available to all Kickstarter backers for free and to any Planetary Annihilation owner for 66% off. It’s a new dawn for Planetary Annihilation.

We here at eXodus eSports were fortunate enough to gain early access to Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. To help you on your journey we’ve put together an article which tells you everything you need to know about Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. It will walk you through the changes, the units, the maps, and our own experiences with it all.

SPOILER: it’s impossibly awesome.

Planetary Annihilation Titans - Atlas Titans

Planetary Annihilation Titans - Ares Titan

But what of Mystery Mayhem? It will be played using Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. But what if you don’t own a copy? Well we’re happy to announce that everyone who is signed up to the tournament will receive a copy of Planetary Annihilation: TITANS absolutely free courtesy of Uber Entertainment. That’s right, not only do you get to participate in this awesome event with all this cool new stuff, but you’re getting a copy of the expansion just for taking part.

We’ll be playing with Planetary Annihilation: TITANS balance, units and maps so you better start getting ready for this new era of Planetary Annihilation. And if you’re still on the fence after reading our article, well why not come watch live on Saturday and see for yourself?

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First pass saves coming to PTE today

In a post on the Uber forums, forestthewoods has laid out the plans for save games which will be landing in today’s PTE release. Want to help test it (along with the latest balance changes)? Then check out our guide to installing a Planetary Annihilation PTE.

“Hey guys,

We’re releasing a major new Public Test Environment build tomorrow. It will bring to you, at long last, save/load. Woohoo! I’ve been working pretty hard on it for a little while now.

I also want to set expectations for y’all. What works, what doesn’t, what will work soon, what won’t work until later, what won’t work for awhile, etc. First, a hugely important disclaimer.

There Will Be Crashes.

We are releasing this feature in an earlier state than most PTE features. This means that sometimes your save file will be broken and not work. Your game will crash when you try to load it. Again I say, there *will* be crashes. That’s why were releasing this build. To detect and fix those crashes. If you aren’t prepared for your save files to not work then you should hold off on this Public Test Environment release.

There Will Be Gameplay Bugs

A lot of code had to be updated to support save/load. I probably broke some gameplay systems on accident. Even if you didn’t perform a save and load. Sorry. :( That’s what this PTE is all about. Identifying and eradicating bugs. Be prepared.

This is Limited Save/Load Support

With this release there is only one support use case – local AI skirmish. Galatic War is not supported. Multiplayer is not supported. PlayFab hosted games not supported. The one and only thing that is supported is local AI Skirmish. Anything else is not supported at this time.


First and foremost, crash fixes. They will happen. We will fix them. It’s largely on a case by case basis.

After crash fixes, PlayFab support. This will give us two cases. Local games loaded locally. PlayFab games loaded on PlayFab. This will happen asap to let us more easily download and debug crashing save files.

PlayFab games loaded locally will happen down the road. It just requires a way to download the save file. That’s easy, but also lower priority that crashes.

Local games loaded on PlayFab is further down the road. It just requires uploading save files, but save files are full replays so they are quite large. Many users have slow upload. This is much lower priority than several things.

Galactic War support is extremely high priority. AI Skirmish support is a strict subset of Galactic War. Our goal is to focus on AI Skirmish until it’s rock solid. Once solid we will then focus on Galactic War. It’s not a huge amount of work but we have to take things one step at a time.


There is no promise of backwards compatibility for any PTE save file. While we fix issues and implement new features we may choose to make breaking changes to save files at ANY time. Save files are not promised to work across different versions of the game until the build leaves the Public Test Environment. This will happen at least a few times. Be prepared.

We hope to limit breaking changes within PTE. Once save/load is officially released the save game files will work across updates. Backwards compatibility is *super* important to us because we want to continue to making regular updates. But that’s only once the feature graduates from PTE.

Resume from Replay

A major requested feature for save/load is the ability to resume from the middle of a replay. This is *NOT* supported at this time. I am not comfortable making any type of statement as to when it might be available.

Bug Reports

Please please please report any and all bugs to this thread. I’ll be monitoring this thread closely. Lets keep everything in one place.

If you would like to upload your replay file (both SAVE_NAME.par.gz *and* SAVE_NAME.par.info.json) somewhere, such as dropbox, that would be immensely appreciated. Especially for insta-crashes. If the bug can be easily reproduced then uploading your replay file isn’t necessary.

Thanks everyone.


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‘Tis the season for an eXodus tournament and more Unit Cannon info

December Deadlock tournament logo

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but fire is so delightful, and since we’ve got no place to go, let it glow, let it glow, let it glow (in nuclear fire).

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to celebrate than with a glorious 1v1 single-elimination tournament? eXodus eSports is proud to announce that on the 13th December we’ll be hosting December Deadlock – our contribution to the christmas season – where you do battle for a first place prize of £50 (~$78), with £20 (~$31) for the runner-up.

This is an open event; anyone can play and anyone can win. Team Genesis is in overdrive coming up with new systems, and every planet will be symmetrical and balanced in the way that only they know how. We’ll be launching these on the 11th December so you’ll get a little time to prepare, but only a little.

If you want to make sure you’re fully prepared, check out Clopsey 8 on the 6th December. It’s open to all and is a perfect way to hone your skills.

And if playing isn’t for you, then join us on the exodusesports.com livestream where ZaphodX and WPMarshall will be casting the games live from round 1 all the way through to the final. Make sure to vote for a winner each round, if you successfully vote for the winner you’ll be earning points which will prove useful at a later tournament.

Uber have also revealed some further information on how the Unit Cannon will function.

A change to the PTE and Jig nukes

Today Uber announced a change to the way the PTE environment works. In the past it has been big changes, big builds, and little time for community feedback. That all changes now, with more frequent builds planned but each bringing smaller changes. The first of these is expected to land tomorrow.

The planet below has been teased as something we can expect to see soon, symmetrical with hand placed and sized terrain features and metal spots.

Symmetrical Uber Planet Symmetrical Uber Planet

Uber wish to see how units interact on these hand-crafted maps and then begin the process of tweaking the balance.

Finally, Jigs are undergoing a change. Each time a Jig is destroyed it will explode with the force of a nuke. Area builds have been updated to account for this, and now you must choose, maximise your income in an easily defensible area or spread them out to avoid chain reactions. Unbalanced as hell or loads of fun? Check out the new PTE when it releases and be part of the process of shaping the future balance of the game.

Uber announce date for leaderboards

They’re expected to launch on the 28th November. Absolutely no additional information is available at this time!

It appears that Uber are still deciding whether to reset the ladder ranks once this launches. We at eXodus eSports also hope this will see a change in the map pool to using both a wider variety of biomes and sizes, as well as ones much better balanced than those available currently.

Until these launch we recommend you continue to use PA Stats and the PA Stats ladder for all your ranking needs.