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Planetary Annihilation hits 1.0, the ladders are reset and PA Stats adds matchmaking

Today on their livestream Uber Entertainment announced the release of Planetary Annihilation 1.0. It’s out of early access and officially released, but this isn’t the end of the journey rather it’s just the beginning. 1.0 is just a number and Uber have continually reiterated their commitment to continuing development.

Illmaren and Pyrus have used this opportunity to reset the community ELO and Uberskill ladders, so now is your chance to be the best in the world, if only for a little while. Before the reset Illmaren gathered some stats:

Longest time place 1: PAG_Matiz
Longest time KotP: PAG_Matiz
Most Games played: aapl2 / Posidian
best W / L ( up to 150Games ): burntcustard
#1 UberSkill: Cola_Colin
#1 ELO: burntcustard

In addition, PA Stats has been updated to include matchmaking by ELO.

The search works with 50 point per minute steps, so i.e. for foerest to be matched with a newbie@1600 they both will have to be in the pool of searching players for for 11 minutes. 

If there is at most 3 minutes of search time for you till you can be matched with somebody else you’ll see the notification that someone close to your skill is searching.

If you have PA Stats installed already you’ll find this functionality on the Multiplayer screen, otherwise check our guide on how to install this essential mod.

Join Uber for the Planetary Annihilation launch livestream!

On the 5th September at 1700 UTC, Uber will be hosting a two hour livestream. Community Manager Brad Nicholson had this to say:

i know it’s been awhile, but we’re preparing for our next livestream. it’ll start at 10AM pacific and go until around noon on september 5. bring some questions with you, and get ready to see some of your fave personalities talk about the game, its future, and just generally celebrate the launch.

anything specific you’d like to see?

Make sure to stop by the forum topic to provide any suggestions you might have, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Be sure to spread the word!

Behind the scenes at PAX Prime

ZaphodX has posted another vblog for us presenting a behind-the-scenes view at Uber Entertainment’s Planetary Annihilation PAX Prime booth. Check out their setup, the swag, and get a little inside news.

ZaphodX will be casting at PAX Prime

If you’re intending to go to PAX Prime then be sure to head for Uber Entertainment’s booth to see eXodus’s ZaphodX casting Planetary Annihilation games alongside Uber’s metabolical. It’s safe to say he’s pretty excited, as shown in his vblog.

Uber launches official Planetary Annihilation wiki

Uber have relaunched the official Planetary Annihilation wiki through IGN. Community Manager Brad Nicholson had this to say:

got some neat news: we’ve decided to pair with the great peeps at IGN for the official Planetary Annihilation wiki. i’m pretty stoked about this because it gives the game an excellent boost in exposure — and, more importantly, gives people a more curated wiki experience whenever they’re digging around for answers.

we’d like your help with the latter part. the wiki — since it just started — is bare at the moment. if you’d like to drop some mad knowledge (tips, tricks, the easter eggs you’ve seen, unit descriptions), that’d go a long, long way to raising the profile of the wiki and getting more people interested in the game.

i’ve been feeding the page assets and suggesting additional pages. mind helping us out and making this the best thing ever? the sign-up process to edit is as simple as linking your FB or twitter to IGN and then going to town.

also, what other content would you like to see in there? what do you think it could provide?

thanks, guys. let’s make this … awesome.

So break out your Planetary Annihilation knowledge and get editing!

Cloak and Danger ends with an amazing finale

Uber’s second official Planetary Annihilation tournament, Cloak and Danger, come to a close on Friday with one of the best games seen in tournament play yet. There were alliances, betrayals, backstabbing and massive explosions. It was glorious.

Our congratulations go to KISEL who won a convincing victory and takes away an Armalisk commander. We look forward to seeing it on the battlefield.

If you didn’t see this great event live then be sure to check out the recordings of the games over on the tournament’s matches page.

Uber announce Cloak and Danger tournament

Uber Entertainment, with support from eXodus eSports, will be putting on Planetary Annihilation’s second official tournament.

Uber’s Community Manager, Brad Nicholson made the announcement.

Sixteen of the most dangerous Planetary Annihilation players are about to square off in a legendary tournament full of suspicion, intrigue, and treachery.

Uber Entertainment is proud to announce Cloak and Danger, the second official Planetary Annihilation tournament. Taking place every Friday in July starting this July 11, Cloak and Danger is a series of free-for-alls where alliances can be formed — and broken — at any point during a match. Only one out of the tournament’s 16 players will walk out the winner. How many people will they have crossed to get to the top?

The tournament will be broadcasted on Uber Entertainment’s Twitch.TV channel and dual-casted by community members from Exodus E-Sports. The first day’s games on July 11 begin at 11AM PST. Be there!


A couple of notes:

Invites have been sent out to folks, but we’re still finalizing the roster.
Time of day is subject to change; getting people around the world together is hard

Keep up with the latest details over on our Cloak and Danger tournament page.

Steam Daily Deal defeats King of the Planet 7

It was the first multi-planet King of the Planet. It was the first King of the Planet to have three casters. I think everyone could agree it was probably the most amusing King of the Planet yet. King PAG_Matiz and Uber’s Community Manager bradnicholson, the self-declared best player the game has ever seen, squared off for the crown, but neither could defeat the might of the Steam daily deal which brought the event to a premature close when Ubernet could no longer cope with the demand and failed to spawn additional lobbies.

PAG_Matiz managed to hold onto his crown in a 2-0 victory, with the third game resulting in our first ever draw as the king teleported his commander onto the planet which he was smashing a moon into. A fabulous way to bring the event to a close.

We were very happy with the way multi-planetary systems panned out and the confusion it brought for at least one of our players. It hasn’t been a big element of 1v1 play, but hopefully that will begin to change. Expect to see it return.

Another challenger is already lined up, so expect an announcement soon and join us for more exciting King of the Planet!

King of the Planet #7 – Uber’s Brad Nicholson challenges for the crown

In week six of this series our lord and master, king PAG_Matiz fought [BL] Murcanic. Surprises abound, including the first comm boxing map seen, but showing why he wears the crown PAG_Matiz was able to keep his throne with a close fought 3-2 victory.

In week 7 of this series eXodus eSports will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet PAG_Matiz and the challenger, Uber’s Brad Nicholson, at 18:00 UTC on Sunday, 22nd June.


This will be the first King of the Planet to allow for multi-planet systems. Will we see a YOLO?

Will Brad do Uber proud, or will Matiz sleepwalk his way to a 3-0 victory? It’s a new patch, a new balance and a new meta. Will it be nothing but tank spam? Will air be as OP as some claim? Make sure to tune in to exodusesports.com at the appointed hour to find out!