Catch-up with the action from The Lord’s Annual

It was a 09:00 UTC start, perfectly suited for its primarily Australasia teams and absolutely terrible for almost everyone else. Thankfully G0hst, LuckyRed and Beerforkids were present to the capture all the action for those of us still sleeping in our beds.

Watch as ten teams of three battle for 30 AUD across an exciting variety of maps, courtesy of Guest1. VODs of the matches are available over on The Lord’s Annual tournament matches page, just look for the YouTube symbol, or visit the videos’ archive.

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Clan Wars Season One ends on a high

This news post will contain spoilers as to the winner of Clan Wars season one, so if you haven’t caught up with all the latest matches then switch across to the videos section now.

The first season of Clan Wars has come to an end with some fantastic matches as Team Burning took on Voices of War and PA Gods faced off against Promethean. PA Gods vs. Promethean [Home] was awarded Showcase Match status, joining only the only two other games to be given this eXodus award: Team Burning [Home] vs. The Realm and PA Gods [Home] vs. Voices of War.

Planetary Annihilation The RealmCongratulations go to The Realm who not only fielded the largest roster, but also walked away with the honour of being league champions defeating favourites PA Gods. The Realm came better prepared with rumours of arduous drills, practices and selection games run by [RLM]burntcustard. But it was a clan victory, and many Realm names were seen, some old and some new, all contributing towards first place. The final standings can be seen on the Clan Wars tournament page with almost every position up for grabs in the final games.

A hearty well done to everyone who took part and helped make Clan Wars such a successful event. Conceived as an idea in August 2014 and launched that same month, we never anticipated it would be as successful as it was, generating a lot of discussion across forums, leading a far more clan activity and resulting in the largest player sign up of any Planetary Annihilation tournament to-date.

There have been ups and downs and not everyone made it to the finish line, but we feel the end result made it all worthwhile. So thanks to both players and viewers for helping to make Clan Wars season one great. We don’t have information about season two at this time, but stay tuned. Until then check out our next tournament, Evil Twins, which is still open for sign-ups, as well as DarkSteel’s Orbital Warfare Mayhem mod tournament.

Planetary Annihilation Evil Twins Tournament

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Announcing Evil Twins, A New Open 1v1 Tournament

eXodus eSports is proud to announce Evil Twins, a 1v1 single-elimination tournament designed to put seven of the best players the game has to offer to the test. However, there’s space for a single wildcard. Those of you with long memories may recall that current King of the Planet PAG_elodea was the wildcard in the Supernova Showdown tournament. Are you the next elodea?

Planetary Annihilation Evil Twins Tournament

I just want to cuddle

Sign-ups are open for the Evil Twins qualifiers, which will take place on the 7th March. Anyone can enter and all will compete to secure their place among the best and battle for the £50 (~$80) prize in the Evil Twins finals on the 14th March where seven hand-picked players will be waiting for them.

Whether you’re at the top of your game or just starting out, don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something big. With eXodus running two streams you’ve got a good chance to have your game cast in front of hundreds of rabid viewers. Or perhaps viewers relaxing on a couch in front of a massive plasma. Either way it will be epic.

If you’re more of a viewer than a player then join us live to witness all the action and cheer on your friends and clan mates. And spread the word; share the news across your networks and let’s get even more people interested in this great game.

Finally, be sure to install the eXodus eSports mod. With all the latest news, guides, articles, and even countdowns to the next tournament you’ll never miss out on anything Planetary Annihilation again.

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King of the Planet showing at Edinburgh University

Forum goer Zaphys will be hosting a screening of King of the Planet 11 at Edinburgh University in Scotland for the local gaming society as part of a drive to increase interesting in Planetary Annihilation in the area. An opportunity to watch King of the Planet on the big screen? Sounds awesome. Zaphys has also done a “PA Intro Session” and is planning to introduce Planetary Annihilation as part of their 24hr LAN event.

If you’re interested in attending then drop him a private message on the Uber forums.

We expect to see videos or pictures of these events, Zaphys!

Edinburgh University RTS Club

It’s time for a Clopsey!

Clopsey PRO-AM

Who doesn’t love a Clopsey? It’s messy, it’s disorganised, the host hasn’t always shown up, but one thing is guaranteed: it’ll be lots of fun.

Bored, and clearly trolling his PAG teammate Matiz who cried out for a 1v1 tournament, Clopse has announced his intention to hold the 2v2 tournament Clopsey PRO-AM this Saturday with a 20 euro prize for the winner. Sign ups are open right now, and for those without a partner there’s a forum thread where you can meet other people in the same situation.

There’s only one twist on the standard rules: individuals who have been in the Uber top 10 may not team up with other individuals who have been in the Uber top 10.

And that’s it! So sign up for a great time, or join one of the casters live to watch all the action. Nothing makes Planetary Annihilation shine like shared armies.

League of Commanders: The Arena opens for sign ups


A new year means new tournaments, and in that vein eXodus eSports is proud to present League of Commanders: The Arena, a 3v3 double-elimination tournament featuring the mod League of Commanders on the 10th January 2015.

A full breakdown of the mod is available in a recent eXodus article.

Do battle using unprofessionally named commanders, each of which wields unique powers. Do you choose the Marshall with its superb vision and radar? The ZaphodX, with its improved Uber Cannon and high health? Or even the Otterfamily, with its artillery mount?

SambastiDo you know MOBAs? What rock have you been living under? In similar style to a MOBA draft – where teams take it in turns to pick champions – we will be utilising pick rotation mode. Each commander may only be chosen once, and if the other team pick it then you’re out of luck! Choose wisely and with an eye for synergy between your team’s commanders’ abilities.
To play just find two people to team up with and sign up under the same team name and you’re in! Can’t find two other people? Post in this thread, others will be looking as well.

The set of systems to be used in this event will be made available on January 5, but your teams should start practicing as soon as possible on whatever systems you already have!

There are three commander codes up for grabs courtesy of Uber Entertainment, one for each member of the winning team. These are Shadowdaemon, Spiderofmean, and Gambitdfa. These three skins unlock Otterfamily, PRoeleert, and Sambasti, respectively. Both the first and second place teams will secure the right to name a commander ability in the mod.

To participate you will need both the server and UI mods. See below for download links.

Featuring casting from WPMarshall and Captain Conundrum (author of the mod), we hope to see you in January for what we are sure will be a thrilling tournament, full of exciting games and unintended cock-ups. Help us usher in the new year in style.

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Catch-up with all the action from December Deadlock

As you may recall we held a 1v1 tournament earlier this month called December Deadlock. Some of the best players of Planetary Annihilation gathered to compete for a £50/$78 prize and we saw some truly epic games. It was a great live experience.

But perhaps you couldn’t make it. If so, fear not, because every VOD has now been uploaded and is available for you over on the matches page. AL in particular won our match of the tournament award and we’d strongly recommend that you check it out.

See the last of the games prior to the latest balance patch, and take the chance to bid goodbye to that era as everyone starts to figure out this new meta.

‘Tis the season for an eXodus tournament and more Unit Cannon info

December Deadlock tournament logo

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but fire is so delightful, and since we’ve got no place to go, let it glow, let it glow, let it glow (in nuclear fire).

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to celebrate than with a glorious 1v1 single-elimination tournament? eXodus eSports is proud to announce that on the 13th December we’ll be hosting December Deadlock – our contribution to the christmas season – where you do battle for a first place prize of £50 (~$78), with £20 (~$31) for the runner-up.

This is an open event; anyone can play and anyone can win. Team Genesis is in overdrive coming up with new systems, and every planet will be symmetrical and balanced in the way that only they know how. We’ll be launching these on the 11th December so you’ll get a little time to prepare, but only a little.

If you want to make sure you’re fully prepared, check out Clopsey 8 on the 6th December. It’s open to all and is a perfect way to hone your skills.

And if playing isn’t for you, then join us on the livestream where ZaphodX and WPMarshall will be casting the games live from round 1 all the way through to the final. Make sure to vote for a winner each round, if you successfully vote for the winner you’ll be earning points which will prove useful at a later tournament.

Uber have also revealed some further information on how the Unit Cannon will function.

We have words for you. Find them in the new articles section.

We’ve added a new section to the site called articles, look for it up on the top menu. Here we’ll be collecting opinion pieces from both eXodus staff and top players (sometimes these two things even overlap!) within the community. Be it balance, modding, insights into the community, or anything else that comes to mind, it’ll be found in here.

Mini Mods Mayhem tournament banner

To kick things off check out the Mini Mods Spotlight, an article to help get you prepared for this weekend’s Mini Mod Mayhem tournament. And if you haven’t signed up already don’t worry, there’s still time. Don’t be scared, it’s going to be great fun.

We’ve also got my article on why expansion is dead and how to fix it, and expect a new piece soon from a top player on the intricacies of maps.

Announcing Mini Mods Mayhem – a tournament open to all

eXodus eSports is proud to announce our latest tournament: Mini Mods Mayhem. It’s set for the 29th November 1800 UTC.

Mini Mods Mayhem tournament

In celebration of the thriving mod scene within the Planetary Annihilation community each one of the six rounds utilises a different mod.

  1. Boom Bot Wars
  2. Statera
  3. Base Wars
  4. Orbital Commanders
  5. Junkyard Wars
  6. Comm Yard

We’ll be using a Swiss tournament system, so you’ll get to play in every round regardless of how you do. Sign up and try your luck with some pretty crazy mods that completely change how the game plays.

There’s some huge cash prizes, and no, the order of them is not a typo it’s simply a sign that the director is a massive troll.

The tournament is open for anyone to participate in so sign up now.