PAG_Elodea is hosting a naval tournament

Ahoy there, and other such flavour text!

Felt like naval was missing a little something? Well PAG_Elodea did and he made the Battleships mod to fill in those gaps. Designed to increase the opportunities for tactics as well as the increase the depth of strategic play, it makes changes both to naval and orbital units.

To showcase what this mod is all about he is hosting a 3v3 tournament on the 6th June. Called The Admiralty it is open for anyone to sign up to and features a $60 prize for the winner, along with an admirals hat. Not sure how you’re going to share the hat, but perhaps Elodea just wants to see the world burn.

So grab three friends and get signed-up. You can see what the mod is all about both in the official thread and in the video below.

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Responding to Binary Stars feedback

Thanks to all of you, both players and viewers, who took the time to leave us feedback regarding Binary Stars. While it was mostly positive, we wanted to take the time to address some of the points raised. If you have a point which wasn’t tackled then please leave a comment below.

The chat was subject to spam and was poorly moderated

We would agree that chat could be better moderated. We’re working on this.

The tournament should have started earlier

We have to balance the ability of Europe, the Americas and Australasia to partake in a tournament. Rather than change the time I think we’d do better to focus on keeping the running time down, perhaps splitting larger tournaments across two weekends.

The commentators should probably play the game more if they don’t know T1 pelicans can’t carry vanguards

Planetary Annihilation Pelican transporting Vanguard


You should use multi-planet systems

There were two reasons why we used single planet systems, and they’re related to one another. Firstly, multi-planet systems are much harder to balance, leading to stalemates leading to tournament delays. Anyone remember Realm vs. PA Gods? Secondly, the fact is there are almost no multi-planet systems in the community map packs, and very little competitive play takes place on them. Because of this there aren’t really any community systems of a known good quality which would be suitable for use, and those that we do know of were before symmetrical planets and manual metal placement and have been broken by changes to planet generation.

Planetary Annihilation Clanwars Showdown

Gosh, is that the time?

We’d love to use multi-planet systems, but good ones need to emerge and survive the trial by fire that is community play. Clan Wars Showdown showed us the danger in rolling our own and we’re not keen to go down a route which requires so much work and carries such high risks.

Use more teams or larger teams

Well, more teams becomes a free-for-all which generally isn’t a tournament friendly format and leads to some very passive play. As for larger teams, we’ve found that it becomes very difficult to get enough teams when they’re big. Even with this tournament which was only a 2v2 there were numerous players who signed up without a partner and never proceeded to get one. We’d have seen a lot less teams with a 4v4, and it may not have even been a viable tournament at that point.

I’d love to see automated tournaments

So would we, and it’s something we’ve discussed. Unfortunately it’s also a lot of work and isn’t something we’ll be doing any time soon. Our web developer is already incredibly busy as it is.

The rules could have been clearer

Some people marked that they didn’t find the rules clear, but unfortunately no one said what they found unclear about them. Following the Evil Twins feedback we looked to simplify the rules but didn’t find much we felt comfortable culling. Perhaps they could be better organised?

We’d very much appreciate more feedback here from people who found them confusing.

The rules don’t say why you have colour restrictions

Simply because the darker the colours the harder it is to discern the icons, especially if your game is cast on a stream which is in turn being downscaled. We also want to avoid colour combinations which some players find difficult, such as red and pink, orange and yellow, blue and slightly darker blue, etc.

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Binary Stars concludes and VODs arrive

Planetary Annihilation Binary Stars

Sixteen teams arrived for the fight but only one could walk away with the $200 first place prize. It was a long one, running for almost six hours, but by the end of it we had a winner.

We want to thank all the players who took part for turning up (our first full turnout tournament ever!), and for being (mostly) on time. It made things much easier on us and we appreciate it. Also thanks to those of you who joined us on hitbox to watch the event live.

Congratulations to PA Gods who took first place and also to Techno Trousers who defied everyone’s expectations and made it all the way to the finals, really giving PA Gods a run for their money in the third game.

While these events are always best experienced live we realise that some people can’t make it, and for others bed calls when it’s 2am in Europe and games are still running. But not to worry, after a minor panic due to a corrupt recording we have recovered the video footage and uploaded the VODs. Check out the videos or matches pages.

There was a lot of deliberating internally but we finally decided on semi-final match N2 as our match of the tournament. If you watch only one match it should be that one.

We’ll have another tournament for you soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that I won our internal predictions game. Click below to reveal how we did, but be warned it will spoil you on the results of the tournament.

Planetary Annihilation Binary Stars predictions

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Announcing Binary Stars – big games with a big prize

eXodus eSports is proud to announce Binary Stars, a new 2v2 tournament for Planetary Annihilation. Can you shine brighter than all the rest and claim the $200 prize?

Participation is limited to the first sixteen teams to sign-up so you better hurry. Reserve slots are available and should a team fail to show up on the day we will be inserting available reserve teams in the order they signed up. If we run out of spaces all incomplete teams will be moved to reserves.

Round 1, the quarters and semi-finals are Bo3. The final will be Bo5 and the winning team will walk away with $200. There will be a ten minute break between each round.

The maps for each round can be downloaded in the requirements section of the rules. The rules and brackets identify which map will be used for which match in which round. Maps for the final will be chosen by the participating teams from those used in the tournament, with the first team to make it to the final choosing the first map, and the loser of each match choosing the map thereafter.

Sign-ups will be closing 24 hours before the tournament begins.

Make sure that you’ve read through the rules, meet all the tournament requirements and put this into your diary. You don’t want to miss out just because you can’t handle timezones. Given the amount of money at stake we will be enforcing the rules tightly, so ensure you are familiar with them.

There will be a five minute delay on the stream.

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Clan Wars Showdown VOD online

And it’s over.

For those of you who have been living in a megabase, we’ve just finished our Clan Wars Showdown tournament. Hosted on a custom server, 32 player slots were to be distributed equally among all the clans which signed up. There would be no minimum turnout required, but the bigger your roster the better your chance of filling those slots. Wheeling and dealing between the smaller clans was expected, and with The Realm having taken the title in Clan Wars season one they were favourites to win.

The limit was three games or three hours, whichever came first, with whatever game was running at the three hour being allowed to finish before we called it. What we hadn’t expected was that we would get a single, epic three hour game. It broke out almost every toy PA has to offer, featuring land wars, air wars, units flying through space and many canny orbital assaults. It was a spectacle to behold, even as the server sometimes groaned under the load. Certainly the clans were pushed to employ new strategies for a scale of endgame they rarely see.

Clan Wars Showdown Match VOD

It was all run live on our hitbox channel and we were happy to see that our frontpage presence resulted in some new viewers coming to see what Planetary Annihilation was all about. Thank you for being so warm in your welcome and hopefully some of them will stick around to join our community.

But if you weren’t able to make it don’t worry we’ve got your backs. The VOD of this epic game is already online and available on the Clan Wars Showdown matches page. Just click here to check it out. Safe to say this likely isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing us run an epic scale game.

Be sure to stay tuned for our next tournament which we’ll be announcing shortly.

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Rainbow Racers Grand Prix changes to FFA

Rainbow Racers is a fast paced, overhead racing game hosted in the Planetary Annihilation engine.

This weekend is the Rainbow Racers Grand Prix where players will compete for a $90 prize pool following King of the Planet 12. Previously it was planned to be a competition for teams of three, but the format has now been changed to deathmatch style – every person for themself! It’s going to be carnage out on the tracks!

If you’re interested in competing but don’t know anything about the mod then check out what the author himself has to say about it in his Rainbow Racers article here on

May the best driver win!

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Responding to Evil Twins feedback

As part of any tournament we collect feedback both from the players who took part and from the viewers who watch live. We received quite a lot of comments for the Evil Twins Qualifiers and Finals and thought it might be helpful if we responded directly to some of the points raised.

Why didn’t you postpone once the patch was released?

We had agreed a date and time in advance with eight players, two casters, one moderator and one member of staff. That’s twelve people who blocked out their Saturday for this event, not to mention all the viewers who marked it in their calendar.

We feel that changing the date at the last second would be unprofessional and disrespectful to those who made themselves available. It might mean we couldn’t run the event or get full turnout, and it doesn’t guarantee that another patch won’t be released before the next event.

Patches are a fact of life outside of our control and we’re afraid we’re just going to have to roll with them.

What happened to Sunday tournaments?

We ran a poll on the Uber forums and Saturday evenings were overwhelmingly more popular than any other option.

The rules seemed very dense and it was easy to get disqualified

We agree that for new players they can be quite overwhelming. They’ve grown as new edge cases have been identified and rules created to handle them. We’re discussing internally how we can slim them down. We do try to highlight key items in the e-mail reminders we send out to players.

Are colour restrictions still enforced?

Yes. We don’t actively monitor this rule outside of cast games, but if your opponent is using colours which the rules don’t permit then you should request that they change them. Failure to use approved colours could lead to a rehost or automatic disqualification if raised with tournament staff.

Why was the name so complicated and obscure?

We wanted something we could cosplay during the event. The photos have since been destroyed.

Use pole lock

Ladder maps feature spawns very near the pole regions, which is where pole lock can cause navigation issues. While we understand that some viewers will prefer a pole lock view, we allow casters to use whichever they’re more comfortable to ensure the best experience they can provide.

Players should have longer breaks between rounds

We would love to be able to do this. Our limiting factor currently is staffing, we’re never going to turn off the stream for half an hour or play a please wait video mid-tournament. This means that player breaks require content to fill the space, and that requires staff to do it. In addition it means the tournaments run longer and would need to start earlier. We’re still looking at our options, a tournament of this length is new to us.

The casters could do with improving their game knowledge

This was a comment received for the Evil Twins Finals. The comment didn’t go into more detail so we presume it’s due to a couple of mistaken comments Quitch made around changes by the patch. Unfortunately with a patch launching so close to the tournament mistakes will be made, though he admits he forgot to re-read the patch notes just before the tournament.

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Evil Twins Qualifiers VODs have arrived

Did you miss out on seeing Evil Twins Qualifiers live? Sucks to be you. But don’t worry, while it’s always more fun to watch these events live we’ve still got you covered with VODs of every game cast by Sorian, PAG_Matiz, OtterFamily and BSport on both channel 1 and channel 2. Head over to the matches page and look for the YouTube symbol.

And don’t forget to tune in this Saturday, 14th March at 19:00 UTC for the Evil Twins Finals, where the winner of the qualifiers will compete with several veteran players for the final prize.

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Evil Twins, from qualifiers to Finals. Also King of the Planet and Rainbow Racers.

30 players fought 36 matches over the course of 5.5 hours. It was long, it was bloody, but at the end a single victor emerged in the Evil Twins Qualifiers.

Our thanks go out to our casters, the players, and of course to all of you who joined us for this marathon event. We witnessed a lot of very close, hard fought games which really went down to the wire. We saw cautious play, we saw bot spam, we saw tech rushes and we saw orbital. There was never a dull moment, and even though Twitch’s chat decided to randomly not send messages (while giving the appearance that it had) you persevered and stuck with us. Thank you.

It’s not over yet though, the victor of the qualifiers joins seven others in the Evil Twins Finals. This will be a true clash of the best, with both the quarter-finals and semi-finals being best-of-three, ending in a best-of-five final. We can’t wait and we hope you’ll join us again.

And a little further down the schedule is our newly announced King of the Planet 12. This is a confrontation we know a lot of you have wanted to see, so check out the fantastic trailer and make the 28th March 15:00 UTC is in your diary.

Finally, following on straight after King of the Planet 12 finishes is the Rainbow Racers Grand Prix, a tournament open to teams of three for the Rainbow Racers mod. It’s PA, but driving cars around wacky race tracks!

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Evil Twins Qualifiers starts in three hours

Just a reminder to everyone that we will be livestreaming the Evil Twins Qualifiers in a little under three hours time. 49 players are competing for the single wildcard place in the Evil Twins Finals where they will meet seven of the best players the game has to offer.

We’ll be transforming the homepage of into our live page where you can see all the actio. We’ll be running two streams, channel 1 with Sorian and PAG_Matiz, and channel 2 with OtterFamily and BSport. Our live page will let you switch between them with ease.

It promises to be an epic event, and possibly the final tournament played on the current balance. So be sure to come watch it live, along with hundreds of others to cheer on your favourites and vote on the outcomes.

We’ll see you there.

And for those who missed it here is the final map order:

  • Round 1
    • Forge
  • Round 2
    • Berg
  • Round 3
    • Duat
  • Quarterfinals
    • Pacific
  • Semifinals
    • Forge
    • Meso
    • Berg
  • Final
    • Styx
    • Pacific
    • Berg
    • Meso
    • Forge

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