Look Your Best With eXodus Merch

Running eXodus isn’t free, we pay both for hosting costs and tournament prizes. You might have noticed that we quietly slipped out the begging bowl a few weeks ago. But we’d rather do something that’s cool for you, our supporters, while enabling us to run even better events with even bigger prizes for all the Planetary Annihilation players and fans out there.

To that end we have set up a store with all sorts of awesome tournament swag. Grab a little memento of your time in Clan Wars, drink along with a Clopsey mug, or even put on one of our pretty swanky Evil Twin teddy tees. Or cuddle a cushion; because Bsport. We’ve already got a few of the goodies ourselves and we’re pretty excited by how well they turned out.

Check out the full catalogue and let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter with #exodusswag.

Planetary Annihilation King of the Planet Mug

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