PTE 84260 asteroid and mod update

With PTE 84088 we got asteroids and some great new mod APIs, and with this update we’re getting some updates to asteroids and even more cool updates to the modding APIs. As ever, check our guide on how to install the PTE, and head over to the official thread to give your feedback to Uber.


  • Adjusted the slow down of impacting asteroids
  • Minor adjustments to planet explosion and impact effects
  • Updated the asteroid belt effect to use the new “infinite” (-1) particle lifetime


  • AI can now use asteroids
  • AI can now handle combat on smaller planets better
  • AI will launch asteroids at other asteroids, under certain conditions


  • Adding a modding API for controlling server-side camera culling
  • Added support for specifying the world view to the time API
  • Added generic, world-space unit order JS API
  • Holodeck raycast JS API
    • Allows casting rays (optionally multiple per call) in holodeck screen space against terrain, units, and features
  • Added the order & build queues to api.WorldView.getUnitState output.

Other elements discovered by the community.

  • Asteroids no longer have craters; I’m guessing this an optimization to reduce csg build time (unless it was the ‘low spots’ they were talking about)
  • New attribute planet_effect_spec (sun)
  • Player guide html internally reformatted – updates brewing?
  • Anybody mucking with mouse handlers on holodecks will need to account for scaled ui.
  • Interesting stuff in order API – build vs. factory_build, attack vs. attack_ground, and link_teleporters. Some minor tele management might be possible now, although critical information on linking is limited to an energy status saying if it’s linked to anything at all.


  • Option exists in settings as “GUI Size”
  • Players have a slider that allows them to adjust the size of the UI to their liking
  • Potential celestial targets are marked with red circles instead of blue/green circles


  • Fixed the shader error on mac which was leading to crashes on asteroid systems
  • Update buttons for offline unavailable, offline disabled, and graphics crash, as well as fix close window button on dialog
  • Fix for failing to land on asteroids in the low spots
  • Fix for possibly losing a command if the command is given during freeze time
  • Fix for typo in AI: NetalStorageFrac vs MetalStorageFrac
  • Added new music cue which is triggered when targeting an asteroid or the annihilaser
  • Removed some error log spamming related to Asteroid brushes not existing and particle lifetime being too long
  • Fix for missing asteroid shadow shader warning
  • Fix for asteroids showing as grey sometimes. (Default biome color was set to moon grey, now asteroid colored.)
  • Fix metal planet sound happening on planet smash
  • Fix for larger asteroid belt chunks not rendering normal maps
  • Fixed planet smashes playing the sound effect twice in certain situations
  • Fixed gas giants and far away planets from getting odd clipped edges on their lighting
  • Fix for “him or me” achievement. Also fixes a bug where the wrong planet selection index was being used

Known issues

  • The fog of war effect is applied to the asteroid belt when zoomed in on a planet

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PAG_Elodea is hosting a naval tournament

Ahoy there, and other such flavour text!

Felt like naval was missing a little something? Well PAG_Elodea did and he made the Battleships mod to fill in those gaps. Designed to increase the opportunities for tactics as well as the increase the depth of strategic play, it makes changes both to naval and orbital units.

To showcase what this mod is all about he is hosting a 3v3 tournament on the 6th June. Called The Admiralty it is open for anyone to sign up to and features a $60 prize for the winner, along with an admirals hat. Not sure how you’re going to share the hat, but perhaps Elodea just wants to see the world burn.

So grab three friends and get signed-up. You can see what the mod is all about both in the official thread and in the video below.

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Rainbow Racers Grand Prix changes to FFA

Rainbow Racers is a fast paced, overhead racing game hosted in the Planetary Annihilation engine.

This weekend is the Rainbow Racers Grand Prix where players will compete for a $90 prize pool following King of the Planet 12. Previously it was planned to be a competition for teams of three, but the format has now been changed to deathmatch style – every person for themself! It’s going to be carnage out on the tracks!

If you’re interested in competing but don’t know anything about the mod then check out what the author himself has to say about it in his Rainbow Racers article here on

May the best driver win!

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Join the conversation with PA (global) chat

The modding miracle that is Cola_Colin has done it again with PA Chat. Built right into PA Stats is a global chat automatically joined by everyone who is running PA Stats and Planetary Annihilation. It can now also be joined through

Be part of something bigger.

Get the full run down on all the capabilities of this global chat right from the source.

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Planetary Annihilation PA Chat main window

League of Commanders: The Arena opens for sign ups


A new year means new tournaments, and in that vein eXodus eSports is proud to present League of Commanders: The Arena, a 3v3 double-elimination tournament featuring the mod League of Commanders on the 10th January 2015.

A full breakdown of the mod is available in a recent eXodus article.

Do battle using unprofessionally named commanders, each of which wields unique powers. Do you choose the Marshall with its superb vision and radar? The ZaphodX, with its improved Uber Cannon and high health? Or even the Otterfamily, with its artillery mount?

SambastiDo you know MOBAs? What rock have you been living under? In similar style to a MOBA draft – where teams take it in turns to pick champions – we will be utilising pick rotation mode. Each commander may only be chosen once, and if the other team pick it then you’re out of luck! Choose wisely and with an eye for synergy between your team’s commanders’ abilities.
To play just find two people to team up with and sign up under the same team name and you’re in! Can’t find two other people? Post in this thread, others will be looking as well.

The set of systems to be used in this event will be made available on January 5, but your teams should start practicing as soon as possible on whatever systems you already have!

There are three commander codes up for grabs courtesy of Uber Entertainment, one for each member of the winning team. These are Shadowdaemon, Spiderofmean, and Gambitdfa. These three skins unlock Otterfamily, PRoeleert, and Sambasti, respectively. Both the first and second place teams will secure the right to name a commander ability in the mod.

To participate you will need both the server and UI mods. See below for download links.

Featuring casting from WPMarshall and Captain Conundrum (author of the mod), we hope to see you in January for what we are sure will be a thrilling tournament, full of exciting games and unintended cock-ups. Help us usher in the new year in style.

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Learn about League of Commanders

  • Date: 9th December, 2014
  • Category: Mod
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League of Commanders a Planetary Annihilation mod

Captain Conundrum has kindly written up an article detailing his League of Commanders mod. Designed for competitive team games, it changes each commander to have its own unique set of abilities. There’s even a pick rotation mode similar to that seen in MOBAs like League of Legends or DOTA2 whereby teams take it in turns to pick a commander which is then unavailable to everyone else.

Check out all the details here. Learn about each commander and what they bring to the battlefield. Personally, I recommend the Quitch.

PA Stats ladder maps return

If you really liked the maps that Team Genesis made for the PA Stats 1v1 matchmaking system, and miss them since they disappeared with the last patch, well worry no longer! Our very own Captain Conundrum has taken the backup copies and introduced them into the System Sharing mod through an offline pack.

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Just install the mod from the link above and these maps will be with you, online or offline. You will find a Genesis tab has appeared in the system loader.

Enjoy the carefully balanced 1v1 system goodness. More details on the maps can be found in Elodea’s excellent breakdown.

TotalAnnihilation joins the team

We here at eXodus eSports would like to welcome our newest member, TotalAnnihilation! He joins us as a Planet Architect, having previously refined his skills with PACE.

Numerous events, from the Super Swiss Tournament to the Progenitor Cup, have had carefully designed systems provided to maximise spawn fairness and metal distribution to make for the best games possible. The Team Genesis is responsible for these creations, a group of skilled players and map designers who work tirelessly for your benefit. Total Annihilation will be joining Tripax and Captain Conundrum in heading up this team.

Expect to see some live streams of us testing Genesis maps in the future.

PA Stats matchmaking changes map pool, introduces veto

Following its recent initial release, ColaColin has updated the PA Stats matchmaking service. It now features a map pool from King of the Planet PAG_elodea, the ability for a player to veto one map from the pool, and all maps are now accessible via System Designer.

If you already have PA Stats installed then it will update automatically when you next launch Planetary Annihilation.

Get more information on the new map pool in Elodea’s forum thread.

Check out our guide on making use of this awesome community matchmaking.