Legion Expansion Public Beta Released

One of the things fans have been crying out for ever since Planetary Annihilation was released was another faction. A staple of RTS games since the dawn of time, multiple factions didn’t make it into the game due to budgetary constraints. We had to settle for just one.

Until now.

The Legion Expansion is a community mod which introduces an entirely new faction into the game. Featuring as many units as the original Machine Liberation Army (MLA), it provides an entirely new way to play. The Legion are far more focused on slower, more powerful units. There’s nothing subtle about them, they focus on holding their ground until they can achieve victory through a single mighty strike.

We have an article which introduces the Legion Expansion in full, walking you through all the new units, and helping to get you started in learning to play them. The faction is usable in both skirmish and multiplayer.

I look forward to this becoming a part of everyone’s standard setup. All you need is a copy of Planetary Annihilation TITANS and the mod can be downloaded for free via Community Mods.

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First Look At Community Legion Expansion Faction


Rise of the Legion is Planetary Annihilation: TITAN’s first 3rd party faction modification. It adds the Imperial Legion, a race with a unique set of units and buildings to enhance the experience of Planetary Annihilation. Built especially for those who were missing the multiple race dynamic of other RTS, this opens up Planetary Annihilation to even more fun.

Some of the most prolific and talented modders of the Planetary Annihilation community have come together to build this mod for everyone to enjoy. This mod leaves the already existing vanilla faction totally untouched, those comfortable with sticking to what they know can do just that, but those wishing to play The Legion will find a host of new strategies and strengths available to them, and new weaknesses to contend with.

Planetary Annihilation is best enjoyed in cooperative teamplay, where the Legion mod as well will excel with mixed armies or Legion vs vanilla combinations. The Legion has its own set of fabrication units and factories producing a unique combat force that both compliments and opposes the units everyone knows. Discover the synergy between The Legion and vanilla as you and your friends fight alongside and against a force you have never seen before.

The Legion comes with its own set of commanders (Rockteeth and Overwatch) that grant the controlling player access to the Legion unit set. Simply select either commander in the lobby and deploy!

The team is working hard to release the first playable beta to the public. In the meantime enjoy the screenshots below and stay tuned for future updates.

Feel free to discuss with the team on the discussion thread and checkout the moddb page.

LegionFirstLook1 LegionFirstLook2 LegionFirstLook3 LegionFirstLook4LegionFirstLook5LegionFirstLook6LegionFirstLook7LegionFirstLook8

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