Essential Mods for Planetary Annihilation

My Essential Mods

  • Date: 2nd January, 2017
  • Updated: 8th November, 2018
  • Category: Mods

Mods are baked into Planetary Annihilation and are a key part of tailoring the game to suit your tastes. This guide will walk you through all the mods I find I cannot live without. All mods are found and installed via Community Mods on the game’s main menu.

Auto Name for Titans and Classic

Communicate everything someone needs to know about your game in its title. Add %default, and now the game title will automatically state how many people still need to join, whether it’s shared or unshared teams, etc.

Auto Start Game

Launch the game automatically as soon as everyone is ready. Don’t lose your players just because you popped out to grab a drink and they gave up on waiting for you.

Cover The Line

Let’s you drag a line with the right mouse button and have your army form along it. Great for when you want to maximise your fire, or deploy to perfectly block a choke point. It has been reported that this mod can cause an increase in client crashes (PA.exe has stopped responding). If you experience this then you should remove the mod.

Display Ranks

Any game you host will show the ladder rank of the players in it. Use to avoid getting trolled, and to get a decent balance of skills between teams. If you’re hosting a game for a range of skills I generally recommend setting a handicap of 0.9 eco for gold players, 0.8 for platinum and 0.7 for uber.

Don’t Look At Me!

The camera won’t zoom to your Commander on spawn.

eXodus eSports Map Pack

Curated map pack of the best 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 maps the community has made. I would strongly recommend searching Community Mods for “maps” and trying out all the various map packs, but this is a good one to get you started.

Galactic War AI Overhaul

Adds personalities both to the factions, their minions, and the sub-commanders you can collect on the way. Also adds new difficulty levels intended to provide a smoother difficulty curve and a greater challenge at the top end.


A hotkey mod I cannot live without and used by most top players in place of the vanilla system.

Infinite Build

Have infinite build enabled on all your factories by default. Remember, you can use CTRL-click to add units to the front of the queue without them being added to the build loop.

Legion Expansion

Adds an entire second faction into the game, balanced by a number of the game’s top players. The biggest and most essential mod there is. Check out the eXodus eSports Legion Expansion article which goes into more detail. Only works with TITANS.

More Pew Pew

Adds more pizazz to the effects, but also more intel to. Tell what’s shooting you from the FX, as well as how much damage it does from the colour.

No Default System

Save a little time by not having a system start loading when you host a lobby. Note that people won’t be able to join your game until you select a system.

Queller AI

If you’re big on skirmish games or comp stomps then this is the mod for you. Whether Hard is too hard, or Absurd is too easy, this mod has something to offer. Only works with TITANS.

Ready Up

If you’re hosting a game, once the lobby is full and system loaded all players will be automatically notified to ready up, even if they’re alt-tabbed.

Sandbox Unit Organizer

If you use sandbox mode at all then this is something you’ll want. Gain easy access to every unit in a sidebar. It’s all just a copy & paste away.

Section of Foreign Intelligence For Galactic War

Shows you the number of enemy Commanders and their eco bonus in Galactic War. Very help to allow you to make more informed decisions on the strategic map.

Team Colored Chat

For ease of seeing who said what.

Who Deleted That

Alerts you to which player on your shared army deleted that unit to help you avoid trolls.

Who Unpaused That?

Alerts you to which player unpaused the game so you know who to talk to if needs be.

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