Cookie Cutter Build Order

Cookie Cutter Legion Build Order


It is finally here, the first Legion build order. It has never been easier and this effective at the same time before. You don’t even have to comm reclaim!

Cookie cutter build orders are good build orders for little effort and applicable to most games. What is so good about cookie cutters is that almost everyone with basic knowledge should be able to copy it and be somewhat successful, and this build is no different. It has never been easier to reach a good level before. It is not a perfect build however and should be seen as a starting point. To have a wide repertoire of builds and knowledge will always be beneficial in the long run.

By adopting this build you will find that you can beat most players (if done correctly) however you will find that if you wish to become one of the very best you have to expand and build upon it. You might even find that with time there will be good players who manage to counter it. I advise you to keep your intelligence and meta knowledge up-to-date to stay with the times.

The Legion Expansion

Check out the Legion Expansion article for more information about the faction.

I wish to make you aware that this video/build was created while Legion is in beta (v0.16.0) and the stats of the units might be subject to change. There is a chance that the build won’t be as strong on your later build so keep that in mind.

If you are new to Planetary Annihilation TITANS and don’t know the basics I advise you to check out eXodus eSports’ new player guides and beginner guides before proceeding. The guide assumes you are familiar with the basics of the game.

Legion Build Order

Watch the video at the bottom of the article to see this Legion build order in action against an uber level player.

Legion build order bots

Cookie cutter turbo explanation

  • Build Bot Foundry
  • Build 2 MEX and 1-2 Power Catalysts
    • This can vary slightly according to the planet and the number of fabbers you intend to start with
  • 2-3 fabbers from Bot Foundry, thereafter the magical ratio (see after list)
  • Send these fabbers out to expand. Queue up more than you think you need, this way they won’t be idle
  • Bot Foundry and Power Catalysts alternately with commander (1:1 ratio)
  • Send out blobs of bots to raid obvious expansions
    • Make sure these groups consist of all the necessary units and that they are blobbed when fighting
    • This is the key to victory
  • Build fabbers to build Power Catalysts and replace lost fabbers using CTRL-click to put them at the front of your build queues
  • Build an Advanced Walker Foundry with your fabbers and Commander thereafter (see after list)
  • Build one t2 fabber to get t2 eco
  • Build even more foundries
  • Win the game


  • Enable continuous build
  • T1 bots: 2 Peacekeepers, 3 Lancers and 1 Patriot. (Ctrl out fabbers if necessary)
  • T2 bots: Enforcers. (Ctrl out Orbweavers if your opponent spams air)


When you get comfortable with the cookie cutter Legion build order try and develop additional elements for it. Here are some guidelines/ideas for you:

  • Add in some air factories on bigger maps after some t1 bot factories. This way you can get better map control, take advantage of air fabbers and scout better.
  • Add in an Armour Foundry on tree maps to take advantage of the treeco and to use in armies. Mauls can follow thereafter, they will be amazing in front of the Lancer
    • But don’t blob bots with Mauls and lose their speed advantage
  • Add in the Investigator to act as a forward radar. Also good for spotting mines.
  • Get some Purgers if your opponent have big groups of t2
  • Be creative! No idea is too stupid to try.


Watch the cookie cutter Legion build order in action as I take on uber level player Qzipco, who is utilising an older comm reclaim build order.

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