Planetary Annihilation Galactic War Guide

Guide to Planetary Annihilation Galactic War

  • Date: 10th June, 2015
  • Updated: 3rd November, 2018
  • Category: Beginner

Galactic War. Galactic War never changes. Except for when it does! Galactic War is a rogue-like campaign for Planetary Annihilation, starting with only a small amount of tech, you battle your away across the galaxy to uncover more, fighting increasingly tough and numerous opponents until you defeat the three enemy factions. Defeat bosses in certain systems and you’ll unlock new starting loadouts which you can use in new campaigns.

This guide will help you ensure that victory comes early and often. And in case you don’t realise it, you can change your colour by clicking on it during setup.

Galactic War Lessons

Be aggressive

On the first systems you’ll be on a single planet, probably against a single commander. They have one advantage over you: tech (and possibly income. Two. Two advantages). That means you need to hit them hard and fast because the longer the game goes on for the more opportunity they have to use that advantage.

The second you hit the ground you need to track down your opponent and crush them as quickly as possible. Stop their expansion attempts, don’t let them get off planet, and finally, destroy the commander.

A turtle will be flipped on their back and left to die in the sun. I am metaphor incarnate.

Know your factions

Planetary Annihilation Guide to Galactic War

All factions are identical apart from boss battles, and which boss you face will change game-to-game. Get to know them and play as the one you like facing the least, then plan your route through the galaxy aiming to take on the factions you find easiest first.

Claim your planet

As you push deeper into enemy territory you’ll run across systems with multiple planets, and oftentimes multiple enemy commanders. Some of these systems will offer multiple planets for you to start on.

It now becomes imperative to own your starting planet. You can expand quicker than the AI, so take over your planet, lock it down with fighters and bombers, boom your economy, and get to prepping your end-game whether it’s orbital lasers, nukes, or death stars. If you lack game ending weapons then focus on getting a teleporter on the enemy planet as early as possible to establish your foothold.

Don’t lose the orbital race

On systems where everyone starts on the same planet you have to be very careful. If you’re facing more than one opponent then the route of pure aggression probably isn’t enough, and if the enemy sneak off-world then they have an uncontested resource base.

Scout for enemy orbital and try to get to the second planet first. Even if this puts you on the back foot on your homeworld, the second planet will likely be smaller, easier to lock down, and allow you to boom your economy. If you arrive second then you’re going to be stuck fighting on two fronts and you probably can’t afford that unless you’re swimming in efficiency tech.

Have a plan before spawning

Planetary Annihilation Guide to Galactic War

You can win or lose the battle when you first spawn. Check all possibilities, including whether you can spawn on multiple planets. Plan where you’re going to expand to, where you’re going to scout first, what force composition you want for the terrain. If there’s water judge whether you need an early naval presence or no naval presence at all; remember that naval can’t move between planets.

Make sure you give yourself room to build and consider that while terrain can make a base easier to defend it can also make it harder to break out.

Scout your enemy

You’ll want to find your opponent(s) quickly so that you don’t get surprised. Your approach to any game should be informed by your scouting. On your doorstep? Rush them. Holding your vital expansion points? Don’t send your fabbers there. Miles away? Perhaps an orbital rush is practical.

Always make sure that the plan you’re implementing has been adapted to fit the situation you’re facing. If you see them building a lot of air factories then make sure you’ve got air cover or AA in your army, and starting looking around for easy air fabber kills. If you scout a T2 building going up then do what you can to shut it down quickly before they can get the T2 economy rolling.

Tech up before going deep

Planetary Annihilation Guide to Galactic War

Remember that in Galactic War the battles get harder the deeper you go into your opponent’s territory. The systems connected to the opening neutral systems will be the easiest to take, so don’t be afraid to build up an initial tech base by raiding easy systems before striking into the tougher inner systems. On the flipside, remember that the quicker you take out a boss the sooner you can plunder all that faction’s systems for tech.

Choose your tech wisely

Planetary Annihilation Guide to Galactic War

Have a plan in mind for your tech when you’re choosing your cards. That sub-commander may be tempting, but if you’ve got access to T2 then perhaps the super weapon discount is a smarter choice. Pick cards that work for the hand you have, don’t get trapped into making autopilot decisions.

Pick the right difficulty

Depending on the difficulty you choose certain modifiers are applied to the AI and galaxy generation.

Normal Hard Relentless Absurd
Threat assessments Terrible Bad Best Best
Micro None OK Best Best
Scouting OK Best Best Best
Factory build delay Extreme Some None None
Expansion delay Extreme Some None None
Avoids eco float No Yes Yes Yes
Commander retreats No No Yes Yes
System templates Easy Standard Standard Standard
Difficulty ramps up Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turtles Yes No No No
Targets weakest Commander No No Yes Yes
T2 delay Yes No No No
More commanders No Unlikely Possibly Likely
Base eco modifier 0.4 0.5 0.7 0.8

Enable hardcore mode if you want to play the game ironman style.

The galaxy size will determine the number of planets you encounter.

Small 18
Medium 24
Large 36
Epic 54
Uber 78

Galactic War Video

So let’s put all that into action. Here I will walk through part of a medium sized Galactic War on relentless difficulty, trying to cover as many of the possible system scenarios you might encounter as possible.

NOTE: this video was recorded before the difficulty of Galactic War was reduced and does not reflect current Relentless difficulty.

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