Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order

Easy Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order #7 DIY edition

Build orders are a key part of any RTS, no matter whether it’s a micro focused game like Starcraft II or a macro one such as Planetary Annihilation, your starting build matters.  Time remains a resource you must utilise as efficiently as possible in your Planetary Annihilation build order.

The balance changes to Planetary Annihilation allow for a much more diverse set of build orders, with the map being highly relevant to the build order you use. That’s why this Easy Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order guide is a DIY edition, with advice aimed at improving the foundations of your opening game rather than a step-by-step order of play.

Explore the fundamentals of Planetary Annihilation build orders with me, King of the Planet, PAG_elodea.

Planetary Annihilation Build Order Video

1:00 – Mods and setting up UI
6:05 – Ingame camera and hotkeys
11:30 – Economy
19:15 – Map analysis
29:55 – Scouting
31:00 – Micro
37:25 – Summaries

Additional Notes

  1. If you have the resources to build factories with t1 fabricators as well as with your commander, that’s great so that you aren’t wasting, but it isn’t something you should have as a long term goal. Eventually you want to have additional factories pick up the energy slack and get that fabricator back on either energy plants or metal extractors.
  2. The upcoming reduction in t1 fabricator energy consumption does not change the way we prioritise resources in terms of the energy efficiency hierarchy. It may however allow you to maybe do 3 factory starts without any energy plants after the 2nd factory, for example 2bot + air.
  3. With PTE and the t1 Pelican, you’ll need to rethink the idea of air only metal like on Meso.
  4. Some magic numbers: 2 Dox to one shot another Dox; 2 fighters to one shot a bomber; 3 bombers to one shot mex; 3 tanks to one shot a tank; 3 fighters to one shot a fighter; 4 spinners to one shot bomber.
  5. Micro tricks aren’t comprehensive, see if you can invent some of your own too!
  6. Watch Quitch replays if you want to learn what to avoid

Referenced Mods

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Recommended Reading

    That stuff on the economy was REALLY helpful. It wasn’t until watching this that I realised what a flimsy grasp I have on PA’s economics.

    Hey thanks a lot for this guide, i’m playing a lot better already, i’m still improving my eco since it’s the base of everything. But now i know what to look at, and how to improve my play step by step.

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