We here at eXodus eSports don’t do this full time, it’s a venture run after we finish in our real jobs for the day. Server costs, tournament prizes, all of this comes out of our wallets. And that’s fine because we do what we love, why else? But we want to do things bigger and better than before; more reliable and responsive servers, bigger tournament prizes to bring in more players and really help drive the Planetary Annihilation esports scene. To do that we need you.

Anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated and will help us serve this wonderful community even better. Perhaps you can help us in other ways, we’re always looking for individuals who can help with the site, art or videos to contact us. Regardless, we wish to thank you your continued support. Keep spreading the word and help make Planetary Annihilation a better game.

If you want to sponsor eXodus eSports in other ways then please contact us.