League of Commanders

League of Commanders is a mod designed for competitive team games. Inspired by MOBAs, this mod replaces the game’s commanders with a set of new unique commanders that all have different strengths and weaknesses. Teams that learn to take advantage of these differences by combining commanders that work well together will always be much more successful than those that do not.

Other Planetary Annihilation mods often attempt to make significant changes to the core gameplay by making big changes to balance. League of Commanders avoids that by remaining limited in scope and just trying to change only the commanders. The end result is a mod that is fun to play, easy to learn, and more difficult than ever to win.

Some commanders need to be unlocked in the armory if you want to use them, but there will be at least 6 that are always free for everyone. Commanders that are not free have multiple options for unlocking them to increase that chance that a player owns at least one or two of the extra commanders. Custom servers can be configured to allow all unique commanders. In addition to the 6 free commanders, there are currently another 5 that can be unlocked, for a total of 11.

Designed For Teams

League of Commanders is carefully balanced for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 games using shared armies. FFAs, 1v1s, more than two teams, and team games without shared armies are still all possible, but the commanders are unlikely to be balanced. League of Commanders is heavily inspired by MOBA style games like League of Legends and the client mod includes a new game mode to make your team games much more interesting.

Free pick

This is the default game mode. Each player can select their commander as normal and use them in the game. People without the UI mod can play this, but they will not see the commander options correctly in the lobby.

Pick rotation

commandersThe host gets a “Start picks” button in the lobby. When everybody is ready, the host can press that button to start the pick rotation. At this point nobody can choose a commander unless it is their turn and no commander can be picked twice in each game. A team is randomly chosen to get first pick of their commander. After that, the picks rotate through the teams letting each team pick two commanders until everyone is finished. Using this game mode, you can be sure that two teams can play many matches without using the same commanders in any two games.

Easy To Learn

League of Commanders has been designed to play very much like un-modded Planetary Annihilation, but with one exception: the commanders. You still need to be good at everything you already know about playing team games, but only the commanders have changed. This means that you can easily switch between playing LoC and ordinary ladder games without needing to practice a different balance. This mod is very easy to get started with!

Difficult To Master

This mod is hard. Just knowing the commanders and their differences will not be enough. You and your team will need to learn how to combine the abilities of each of your commanders to create a fighting machine that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

The Commanders


Intel Commander

Commander: Rallus

Marshall is your team’s chance to become aware of every threat before it is too late. Marshall has low health and is not effective in combat, but it has many intel options including the ability to construct radar satellites.


  • 2x vision radius (300)
  • 600 radar radius (matches t1 radar)
  • Vision and radar see into orbital
  • Full celestial vision
  • Builds all kinds of radar structure
  • Builds orbital radar
  • 9000 health


Combat Commander

Commander: Nemicus

ZaphodX is an expert at commander duels and is able to take on an entire army on its own with an improved Uber Cannon. Many of the other commanders work well in combination with ZaphodX.


  • Better uber cannon (slightly more range, much faster fire rate, less energy used)
  • 33% faster movement
  • 14000 health


Flak Commander

Commander: Centurion

Quitch has high health and a flak weapon that is excellent against large swarms of air or even orbital units. Although useful in many situations, Quitch is best paired with a commander that is easily sniped by air.


  • High damage secondary weapon when touching target (Maybe not great but it can knock down factories fast)
  • 30% less vision radius
  • Anti-air, Anti-orbital Queller Cannon
  • 14000 health


Defense Commander

Commander: Invictus

Although slow, Tripax has the highest health of all the commanders. Tripax has a slightly longer range weapon and can build all kinds of defenses.


  • Builds all land defense structures
  • 33% slower movement
  • Normal weapon has slightly more range
  • 1.5x storage
  • 15000 health


Orbital Fabrication Commander

Commander: Osiris

Conundrum’s worst nightmare in single-planet systems. Total Annihilation can build orbital transports and fighters without an orbital launcher, so use this commander to quickly pin down an enemy Conundrum or expand throughout a multi-planet system.


  • Builds Astraeus, Avenger, Umbrella, Deep Space Radar
  • 1.5x storage
  • 33% faster movement
  • 10000 health


Ninja Commander

Commander: Aeson

Martenus has radar stealth, super fast torpedoes, and is capable of constructing advanced bots. Martenus loves the water but is still very powerful on land.


  • Torpedoes fire twice as fast
  • Builds advanced bots
  • Invisible to radar
  • 12500 health


Orbital Commander

Commander: Berlinetta, Twoboots, Theta

This commander lives in the orbital layer and carries a Yamato Cannon. The weapon has a very long cooldown timer but destroys a very large area on the ground every time it fires.


  • Flies between planets.
  • Lives in the orbital layer
  • Builds Jigs
  • Has a Yamato Cannon. Try it! (Thanks elodea)
  • 2000 health


Airship Commander

Commander: Armalisk, Betadyne, Calyx

Slow flying fortress equipped with an eXodus Beam that can destroy most structures in a single shot from directly above. The weapon can also be used against ground forces.


  • Flies (hovers like an airship – immune to land-only weapons)
  • Lives in the orbital layer
  • Fires an Exodus Beam
  • 75 DPS (About half of normal)
  • 50% higher range
  • 14000 health


Combat Fabrication Commander

Commander: SpiderOfMean, Chronoblip, Stickman9000, Alpha

This is one of the hardest commanders to play. The PRoeleert sacrifices health and the ability to construct resource structures for mobility and a fast build rate that uses no energy. PRoeleert is an excellent support commander and can quickly repair friendly commanders or reclaim enemies.


  • Super fast nanolathe uses no energy
  • Can only build basic defenses, factories, walls and mines. Cannot assist on other projects
  • Has no weapon other than the nanolathe
  • 2x movement speed
  • 7000 health


Transport Commander

Commander: Aryst0Krat, Gambitdfa, Gamma, Ajax

Although not the best commander for duels, Sambasti can carry up to 6 units. This commander has a fast anti-air weapon but is still very vulnerable to fighters, so be sure to send air support. Always remember that Sambasti can even carry other commanders!


  • Air unit: Fast but low acceleration and turn speed
  • Carries up to 6 units
  • 20% less vision
  • 3x AA rate of fire
  • Builds Sentry (Small invisible sentry post that reports back everything it sees.)
  • 11500 health


Artillery Commander

Commander: Shadowdaemon, Diremachine, Progenitor

Has an artillery weapon that normally fires slowly but can store up ammunition for a rapid-fire volley of up to 10 shots. OtterFamily’s cannon is inaccurate but can do severe damage to large armies in the mid to late game.


  • Has no Uber cannon or standard commander weapon
  • Uses a long range cannon that can store up to 10 shots at a time but only recharges at a rate of one shot every two seconds.
  • Cannot fire the artillery weapon when under water.
  • 12500 health

So How Do I Install This Mod?

League of Commanders comes in two parts; the client mod that enables commander picking in the lobby and the server mod, which is only needed by the host. Every player should have the client mod installed.

Author: Mod Type:
Discuss on the forums
Provided by CMM

Author: Mod Type:
Discuss on the forums
Provided by CMM

Join The Community

We know that it can be hard to find people interested in playing the mod just through public lobbies. We have created an IRC channel to help you connect with other people that are also playing LoC. eXodus eSports also has a helpful guide on using IRC.

Watch Some Games

On January 10, 2015, eXodus eSports held LoC: The Arena. The round robin tournament brought together five teams to demonstrate how this mod plays in 3v3 games. Go ahead and watch some of these matches with commentary by Gandalf and Captain Conundrum.

League of Commanders: The Arena Planetary Annihilation Tournament

Published: 9th December, 2014

About the author

eXodus Staff


    I had the game crash when I tried to build and avenger with one of the commanders.(Total Annihilation)

    Also while using what I believe was the Theta version? He flew over in orbit but wouldnt fire cool beemy laser thing mentioned above

    These were both my first 2 attempts at using the mod so I will continue to try

    The avenger will cause a crash if you play in PTE or if you use other server mods at the same time. The Conundrum (Orbital Commander) fires it’s Yamato Cannon the same way you would use a normal commander’s Uber Cannon.

    Will I still be able to use the other commanders with other mods or is that impossible?

    You should only ever use one server mod at a time. This mod replaces the game’s main unit list and the avenger with new, slightly modified files. Any other mod that tries to add units or alter the Avenger will cause a problem. In the best case this would make TotalAnnihilation unable to build Avengers, but in the worst and most common case it causes a crash.

    This problem is not limited to LoC and affects all mods that add new units or edit existing ones.


    To clarify, the only difference with my version of the Avenger is a single change that allows the TotalAnnihilation to build it on the ground.

    Ok so what about multiple UI mods? basically same thing or what?

    Just using this as a chance to get a clarification….love this mod so I will probably just swap between them lol

    But it is really nice to have some more balance changes and units added from the others mods…thats why I ask

    Some of the balance mods are a lot of fun too! I agree that it would be really cool to be able to use them together, but sadly there will always be a problem when two mods both try to edit the game’s internal unit list. This mod is mainly designed for team games so you will often find that other server mods are better depending on the type of game you are playing at the time.

    UI mods are a whole different story though. You can use as many of those as you want, assuming they don’t conflict with each other. If you do find that UI mods aren’t playing nice with each other you should report that to those mod creators because usually it can be fixed. There shouldn’t be any conflict between a server mod and any UI mod, so you’re in luck here. There is a small chance that the LoC client mod will have a lobby conflict with another UI mod, but if that happens just let me know.

    What about the LoC client mod with a server mod?

    The LoC client mod is designed to be left on at all times. It is able to detect when it joins a game that is using the server mod. If the client mod doesn’t see the server mod, it keeps itself shut off.

    Sorry I am really bad at this lol

    So all in all could I make the LoC mod work with the statera server mod? Or is it impossible. Because I have tried but I am unsure if I am just doing it wrong but I have both installed and it only has the regular commanders available at select and in game

    No, these mods are not compatible. Both Statera and LoC try to replace the same PA file with their own new copies. When this happens, the game picks one to use and just throws away the other. Combining two server mods that both add new units will always cause this problem and the resulting crashes can seem very unpredictable.

    really good mod, though the gaping hole in the orbital commander is distracting.
    however, i have found a small issue. when both this and the orbital warfare overhaul are installed, it is impossible to use or build ANY of the structures or units that OWO adds, but the changes to vanilla structures it implements work. it is a shame, because i think the two mods would be amazing together.
    now all you need to do is give the new commanders your own unique model! really good work with this, it adds a whole bunch of variety to the game

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